Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Defining Brave

It was so subtle, I didn't even notice.
The brave shall inherit the earth. They will explore, experiment and challenge. They will value exhilaration over relaxation. They will reject anything that insulates them from the world. And they will drive a luxury car that makes them feel alive....

As a matter of fact this ad lay open on my counter for a couple of days before The Mister noticed and pointed it out. 

It bothers me.


The ad above is a lie at best, and blasphemy at worse.

Harsh thoughts over an ad? 

Let me explain.

The brave don't inherit the earth. 

The meek do. 

Have you ever met someone who appears particularly brave? I have.

What I've noticed when talking (or reading) about those who choose courage when adversity comes their way is that they don't feel particularly brave. Those who are courageous in sudden calamity have an all encompassing knowledge that they have nothing left to lose. They choose courage by choosing to live uncommonly - to face danger, fire, fear - and really live by faith that LOVE wins out. No matter the outcome.  Every single time. 

Those who live bravely do not do so because they set their standards by embracing the culture of this world. On the contrary! The world tells us we can "have it your way," or "those with the most toys wins,"and "you can never be too rich or too thin," with a little, "you deserve to be happy." to round things out.

You see, those slogans, the ad above (and others like it), try very subtly to re-define what it is to be brave. And we suffer because of it. The businesses laugh all the way to the bank, while we slump with our head in our hands and wonder why, after all the exploration, experimentation, challenge and exhilaration we don't feel alive. Worse, we feel tired, depressed, rejected.

People who are brave aren't self-focused. They have rejected that which tells them they are the center of the universe. 

This month I have met and read about many brave people: A woman who's young daughter is facing multiple surgeries that are serious in nature; A mom who's adult daughter has turned away from all she loved, leaving a young child and parents who "wait for the other brick to fall."; Two weeks ago we remembered the courage of those who, in the face of buildings set ablaze by cowards, ran towards tragedy to save thousands. 

Not because of anything we do, but because God, who is Love, who will never leave us or forsake us, gives us the strength to be brave and courageous in the midst of all that threatens to overcome us. 

It isn't popular, it isn't subtle, but its the Truth... and it is a gift, for all who want not just to feel alive, but to really live. Here on earth and in heaven above.


Lara said...

AMEN!!! Why is it that I am always shocked when "media" lies to me in overt of subtle ways! I hate becoming a cynic but its hard to believe anything you read or hear today. This is a perfect example of the insidious ways lies creep into our conscience. All the more reason to renew our minds daily with the truth of God's word!

Amy said...

Shocking (but really, it's not) that scripture is turned around and used inappropriately. What's brave about car shopping, anyway? So much to ponder here.

Sara said...

Very well said, and something to talk about with the kids! Hope to see you soon.