Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweater Dilemma

I swear this is the last time I'll write about this sweater.

At least I think it will be...

As far as dilemma's go, this is the best kind to have, but still... such a quandry.

You see, I finished this sweater some time ago, and then I put it away because the end of the recipe says to 'block' it, and I am afraid.

Actually, fear is a large percentage of my unfinished sweater, but also... I don't have a blocking board, nor do I have a spray bottle for plain water, or waterproof/rust proof pins.

This sweater is also made of 100% acrylic, which is soft and cheap. When I started the project I wasn't sure I would finish, having never made adult size clothing before.

Here are some pictures of the sweater this morning (I do actually plan to wear real clothes with this sweater, not just my walking gear. but who has time to get dressed in real-people clothes when contemplating big decision?)

At first glance it seems great... look to the right of the photo, the fabric lays very nice (both in the front and the back), but to the right, as the yoke meets the mid-section it poofs just a bit.

It does the same thing on the back too.
The (your) left side of the sweater poofs out, while the right side lays as if it is tailored.

So, will blocking fix this? Once you block do you have to do it over and over? Should I just bite the bullet and go get waterproof pins? Should I just forget my left-side-poofy-woes, and call the project Done?

I would love your advice, since I am already thinking about my next project. I've narrowed it down to two choices.

Wanna peek? Of course you do!

Choice 1 and Choice 2 (scroll down)

So to block or not to block... discuss.


Amy said...

No. Technically you don't block acrylic. Wash and reshape. I LOVE IT! Adorable!

whimzie said...

I don't see what needs fixing.

Then again, I don't know what blocking is.

So instead I will give my unsolicited opinion on which project to work on next. I like Choice 1!

Tracey said...

I'm with Whimzie...

On every point.

Evidently, I don't believe in having an original thought this evening.

Have a nice day.