Monday, September 19, 2011

Speaking of..a random Monday Post

The kids and I were on our own this weekend.

It was deliciously cold and wet outside. After the back-to-back soccer games on Saturday morning, we spent the weekend folding laundry and watching a  Billy the Exterminator marathon.

Nothing makes me want to clean my house more than watching six-hours of cockroach and vermin infested homes.

Unless, I happen to be watching Hoarders... but that's a post for another day.

I managed to make it through the weekend without baking anything. Which is a challenge for me in the winter months. I do love to bake...but we've barely made it through the pumpkin products I baked last week, so I am trying to use self-control.

Speaking of self-control: I have none.

Case in point: The Girl asked me to take her to the craft store after church yesterday so she could get some polymer clay.

I told myself I would not look at the yarn.

Especially since I bought 6 skeins on the first of September and made this:

My self-imposed monthly yarn quota had long been met, and I was really trying to be good.

Don't buy yarn. Don't buy yarn. Don't buy yarn, I chanted to myself as I walked around the store...

... but, of course, i did. 

I found THE softest, loveliest, coziest, yarn. Ever.

It's Lion Brand: Quick and Cozy bulky yarn. It looks and feels like chenille, but is as light as feathers.

Y'all, its like crocheting with spun clouds.

I'm sure I looked a fool as I stood there feeling each skein and flipping through that rolodex in my head of people who needed something, anything. 

I remembered a little boy on my September list. He needed this yarn.

Without a pattern or an idea of what I would do, I threw four skeins in the cart and ran to the checkout before I got into bigger trouble.

I came home and made this:

If anyone is interested in the super-easy pattern,
let me know and I will write it out and post it.
I have to send this out ASAP, because this yarn does crazy things to people... both of my kids were lobbying for this little, puffy, blanket of love. 

Speaking of kids... this one is walking around like an old man.

He's been dealing with hip pain for over a year. We took him to an orthopedist and his hips are perfect but he's been referred to a general surgeon.

Turns out he has a sports-hernia, quite possibly bi-lateral. He has had a great sense of humor about this issue, even when in significant pain. Most mornings when he wakes up, he can barely get out of bed. It takes him a long time to come down the stairs. He is like an old-man in a 14 year old body.  Yesterday, he went to the garage and made himself an "old-man cane."  He thinks he's quite clever.

I think he maybe headed for a little outpatient surgery toward the end of October. When that happens I may see if they can surgically remove that hat.

Speaking of hats...


I've got nothin' on hats, but I couldn't think of a third Speaking of, and I hated to end with two...

Happy Monday!


Gretchen said...

Bless his heart. My son was born with bilateral inguinal hernias. After the worry of a 6 week old in surgery wore off, I was charmed by the stoned infant in the cradle next to our bed. His father and I were so exhausted, but he just cooed and gazed until the drugs wore off. ;)

LURVE that blankie! I'm a beginner crocheter. Do you think I could possibly achieve such greatness?

Anonymous said...

oo ouch my heart breaks for The Boy.. I had an upper abdominal hernia repaired.. no fun! I hope his recover is quick and as painless as possible! No as far as the hat.. I'm not sure they can remove that and not do long lasting damage to the personality of The Boy.. ;-)

Tracey said...

The blanket.

So sorry the boy is hurting. His 'old man' routine is quite hilarious, though.