Monday, September 12, 2011

Rambling Monday

~If I could make a wish, I would wish that you could have seen the sky here in the Piedmont this weekend. The sky was beautiful, with its happy little clouds. A perfect day for a soccer game, and sitting outside in the shade.

~ I had to give my hands a rest this weekend because apparently crocheting for 15+ hours over Labor Day weekend makes ones hands a little... well... tired.  Who'd've thunk?

Instead of crocheting, Friday night I made an Infinity Dress for The Girl. I had about 3 yards of polyester knit just sitting on my shelf, which wasn't enough for an adult-size pattern. Plus, I figured since she still likes to dress-up from time to time I could try the pattern out without too much emotional investment... if it was easy, I would make one for myself, for a wedding I'm going to at the end of the month. If it was hard... well I wouldn't feel too bad about it, since it was just for "play."

Good news! It is super easy... after the measurement taking, pattern making and cutting (which took nearly 45 minutes - and was the "hardest" part because it was the not-as-fun-but-necessary part) the sewing took approximately 10 minutes. Literally. Ten-minutes.

So, for my newbie sewing friends (or for those who have sewn along time but are afraid of sewing clothes) this is the perfect project. Cheap, quick and easy... the trifecta of crafty women everywhere.

~ This morning The Mister took me to the Military ID office. My ID had expired in February. Oops.

Dependents (that would be me) are not allowed to go by themselves to renew their ID unless they get a legal affidavit signed by the sponsor in front of a witness, proving you are who you say you are (even though you have two "other" ID's to prove it.) Then, you get to go to the ID office and wait in line for and an hour and half for the appointment you made in advance.

However, if you make that same appointment, and bring your man in his uniform with you, you will walk in the door, get whisked away to the first open office, and will walk out with a sparkly-new ID within 10 minutes.

(Honestly, I might not have waited today. When we walked into the office nobody was in the waiting area.)

However, today I would have sat in that lobby all morning if it was meant to be, because the view of my man in his Dress Blues is something to be seen.  So very easy on the eyes he is... Just so lovely to look at...

As a matter of fact, I was filled with pride for him and, knowing that he doesn't like me to post photos of him on the blog, snapped a picture of his arm.

He said, "Your not going to put that on your blog, are you?"

Of course I am...

Of course I am.

~Happy Monday!


whimzie said...

I love that dress!! I refuse to believe you sewed it in 10 minutes.

I, too, am I sucker for a good looking guy in uniform. ;)

Mary said...

I didn't find anywhere in your candy corn garland instructions what weight yard to use and what size hook - can you email me and let me know? I would love to make one.

Amy said...

Love the dress!! Just read the instructions and the patternmaking part looks tedious. 45 minutes is do-able, though. I think I might try it!