Friday, September 02, 2011

Five Photo Friday : Take 2

Look what I found at the store yesterday! Aren't they beautiful in all their orangey goodness?

The Girl helped me pick out a new pair of glasses this week... by trying on glasses too. She told me she liked these frames on her because they "make me look smarticle"... and pretty cute, I might add.

Yesterday the CPQ and I had a little date. When we were finished drinking our coffee she said she'd come to Michael's with me.  I always enjoy a little moral support when shopping for craft supplies so we were off.  At one point we were oohing-and-aahing over bamboo in the yarn isle when I heard faint music in the background: 

Morning just another a day, 
Happy people pass my way. 
Looking in their eyes, 
I see a memory, 
I never realized, 
you made me so happy, 
oh, Mandy!

I had myself a  little moment right there in the craft store... yarn, a good friend and now Barry? Seriously, it couldn't get any better. 

Thank goodness the CPQ was with me. In one short visit, she helped me pick a color for my new cardigan (I only hemmed and hawed for 30 minutes or so) so I could be fashion forward in the months to come. She helped me to decide on the accent notions, and reminded me to do something I NEVER remember to do - check dye lot numbers to be sure they match. That is a good friend!

In other news, my son's feet are no longer small enough to purchase athletic shoes at the normal (read: cheap) places, so we headed off to the sports store for an adult-size 10. These cleats photograph yellow but they are actually bright lime-green.  It was worth the purchase when, in his pitch for me to buy them, he ran around the shoe department to prove they made him run F-A-S-T

It worked. I bought them.

For my crafting/crochet readers... I have a secret to tell you. 

I never do the swatch on projects I make. I'm far to impetuous. 

But for the Cardigan I did, and it turned out great. I immediately unravelled the swatch and dived into the project full speed. I proceeded to crochet the first 11 rows, which took me over 5 hours. 

It only took about 3 minutes to unravel it. I had done the yoke corner stitches incorrectly. Instead of doing three treble clusters, I had done three trebles... big mistake. I had to start from row one all over again... 

But as a wise and true (and very British) friend always reminds me - the product isn't worth much if we don't enjoy the journey.

That is wonderful advice. In life and in crochet.

Happy Friday friends! Have a great long weekend!


Anonymous said...

nice pictures..and nice to visit your blog i look for to keep visiting.. God bless you

Tracey said...

Hi there!

I never do the swatch..but I would with your current project. (if I was ever brave enough to tackle a cardigan.)

Coffee, friends, Barry and wall full of yarn..doesn't get any better!

Jenster said...

I never do a swatch, either. Oh yeah. I don't crochet. Not much, anyway. And certainly not enough to make such wonderful items as cardigans!

I got a little hitch in my breath when I saw both you AND CPQ all in one place. Whidbey...