Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Neighborly Cup of Sugar

It's here!

Candy Corn time!

Its finally here.

I've seen it in the store for the last several weeks, but I'm one of those "rule-followers". I don't eat popsicles in winter. I don't listen to Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving. I don't bake pumpkin products in the summer, and I don't eat candy corn until the fall... and when November is over, so is the time for eating candy corn (and its sweet bigger sister, the mallow cream pumpkin.)

You would think after 6 years as a blogger I would tire of writing about this treat in beautiful hues of yellow and orange. But what can I say? I'm inspired each year.

Pictured above is a sneak peek at a quick and easy project I have going. I'm in the process of writing the recipe down for you... fingers crossed, it will be ready for the big reveal tomorrow. So get your yellow, orange and white yarn ready (and a hook, size H, 5.0mm) and get ready to hook up a little something fun for your fall decoration.

If you aren't of the crochet kind, here is a little candy corn love for you: Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

This picture was swiped from Kathy's blog. Link posted above.)

I hope to make these cookies right after I finish this post. The kids and I have a tea date this afternoon with a friend. I thought these might be fun.

Let's see... not a crocheter or a baker?

Well, how about a video on how candy corn is made?

Side note: Do you remember the show Mr Rogers Neighborhood? My favorite part of the show was when Mr. Rogers would talk to the frame on his wall called Picture-Picture. He would show how things were made in real factories... important things like crayons (loved that one!) and how shoes were made. Who knew, that many years later at the click of a mouse and a keyboard, you could see inside a factory any old time you want? 

I've seen a few links flying around the net to other candy corn ideas as well.  I am especially interested in this recipe for Homemade Butterfingers made with melted candy corn. Who'd've thunk? Melted candy corn in recipes? Genius.

All right, its a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I need to get some work done...

I have always wanted to have a neighbor, just like you... 
always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you, 
so lets make the most of this beautiful day. 
SInce we're together, we might as well say... 
will you be mine, won't you be mine. 
Won't you be my neighbor?

(uh, sometimes I worry about myself... that song just whipped out of my mind into the keyboard before I knew what happened. Now I'll be singing it all day. xoxo)


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to start a whole Pinterest board of nothing but my candy corn stuff. And now I have another recipe to pin.

Have you seen the traffic cones painted to look like candy corns? I bought some mini ones at the Target $1 spot and I can't wait to try it out for my front porch next month.

I'm so glad I have a friend who shares my love of candy corn goodness. (did you know I have a Longaberger candy corn basket that a friend gave to me when we lived in Rhode Island? cutest thing ever)