Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Photo Friday: Sundry

Not only did I steal these flip-flops from my son, but I'm bragging about it on the blog. They are just so  comfy. Albeit, just a little weird that his feet are bigger than mine. And I have big feet.

The  kids went outside this week for a little break from school. Its been raining here a lot so when I heard them yelling for me to come out quick with my camera, I always know it gonna be something creep or crawly. This thing was huge... As big around as my thumb and three inches long. Disgusting.

The Girl texted me one afternoon and said she wanted a little something sweet and could she have some chocolate chips... I texted back this picture and said, " There you go! Enjoy!"

She didn't think I was funny.

The Boy found a banana suit at Target this week. He immediately threw it on and asked me to take his picture. This is him trying to be a Banana with Attitude. I think the smile makes him look totally mean, doesn't it? (And for those that are wondering, we brought the banana home.)

I mentioned its been raining a lot... these mushrooms sprouted literally overnight. I first noticed them from my window. Its hard to tell in the picture, but this bunch is actually about four feet across and some of the mushroom tops are the size of the palm of my hand.

Mushroom soup anyone?

Just Kidding!

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Glad the bannana costume came home with you guys! That slug made me gag!

SandyM said...

I have some new (really great quality) flip flops that my hubby ordered for me because they are the kind my son has... He (son) has very "good taste" in footwear whereas I tend to be cheap but have some foot problems that mean I really SHOULD wear good ones. So now I'm sporting the "real deal" at least until it gets too cold to wear them.
You can get a cheap spray bottle for water @ Walmart, $ Store, etc. & also get the rust proof pins there. I used to block sweaters just by laying them on the dryer, putting them in the shape I wanted, & running the dryer. Your sweater is cute & you are amazing at how fast you whip out stuff!
I really liked your blog on "the brave". Satan loves to spread those kind of lies & our culture has fallen for so many of them. I know my son is brave (because of what he does as his job) but he would not describe himself as brave. Most people who really are brave (like those facing terrible situations, or a new friend I recently met whose daughter was killed in a car wreck at age 17), don't think of themselves as brave.