Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cloudy Morning

I'm letting the kids sleep in this morning.

Its wet and dark outside and, with the exception of a light rain falling and the whirring of my dryer, its cool and quiet. 

I love it when the rainy weather washes the woods, turning their color into darker shades and hues. I especially love cloudy days when the hope of sunshine is forecasted soon. Its like a little respite in an otherwise busy time. Its a good excuse to rest. 

Actually, I've promised my man I would rest today. I'm fighting a scratchy throat (a cold he had last week.) I'm hoping that a day of laying-low, along with chain drinking Emergen-C, will cure what ails me. 

Of course, I have other plans as well. I cannot let a rainy morning go by without baking a loaf of bread. This day might also call for a pot of pintos... comfort food for this CoffeeGal. 

I'm also tempted to see what I can do with some new flannel fabric I bought on a whim last month. 

Its not yet cool enough for flannel, but soon winter will come - when the world takes its rest. Winter isn't my favorite-est of  seasons. I tend to get contemplative, extra-thinky. I'm certain this cheerful pattern will remind me that under the barren colors of winter the promise of spring is to come. Perhaps this fabric is meant to be pajama pants?

I think I'll ask The Boy to go in the attic and get out my fall decorations today too. I'm ready for the pumpkins to come out; ready for the orangey-red colors to take up residence in my home.

All right, I think its time to wake up the kids. School has to be completed... and then, after I teach English, and fold laundry, and make bread, and craft, and decorate my house, I'll rest. 

I promised I would.


Amy said...

I enjoy an infrequent cloudy day, but find that I'm so much more motivated to be productive on a crisp, sunny fall day. Maybe it's the way the sunlight pours into my office/craft room in the morning. I absolutely love the flannel!! It's such a cheerful print. Your day sounds busy in a cozy-home way, but perfect.

CPQ said...

Wish you weren't sick - I might come over and partake of bread.



I'm still not eating bread.


Tracey said...

I'm milling and baking bread tomorrow. And grading school work. Lots and lots of school work. sigh.

On a happier note, I've started crocheting my afghan again...maybe I'll work on it some tonight before the all day grading session.