Monday, March 20, 2006

Random Poll

On Saturday nights when we don't have other plans we have a family tradition of having dinner in front of a family movie and eating pizza. This is fun in many ways and one of the reasons the kids love it is that they get to have candy (we funded a great beach vacation for our pediatric dentist this the kids are now on a "candy only on the weekend" plan).

This weekend we each had a handful of M&M's. I was cuddled up on the couch with The Girl and I kept giving her my red M&M's. She finally said "Mom, how come you aren't eating your reds?"

I told her that I don't like the taste of the reds but that yellow were my favorite. She laughed and said in a way that felt a little condescending "Mom, all M&M's taste the same."

I looked at The Mister and asked if he had put her up to this. We have had a debate for the last 12 years about this very subject. He is unable to differentiate between the colors of M&M's. I believe it is because he has not consumed the amount of M&M's that I have in my lifetime.

A couple years ago, he was so convinced I couldn't tell the difference we decided to hold a very "scientific" taste test where I closed my eyes and he dropped random colored M&M's in my mouth. The one that was yellow I got right...Although with the other colors I was less successful. He felt that this proved his point. I felt that I wasn't at my peak performance and in my defense, they were the peanut M&M's and I think the peanuts confused my taste buds.

So here is the random poll for the month:

Can you taste the difference in the M&M's colors? Which one is your favorite?