Thursday, January 29, 2009

(Thursday) Things I Love

(its been awhile since I shared Things I here you go)

...I loved finding the Sugarland Bakery by accident on Tuesday. I split this Creme Brulee cupcake with The Mister. It was absolutely worth $3.95. And y'all know I am a fussy cake eater.

...I love that when The Mister takes the camera he gets real pictures like this:

...I love that cute wool hat I am wearing, but it make me itch. 

(after seeing these picture of me wearing his Air Force issue jacket...
...I love that The Mister didn't mention once how "bulky" that jacket makes me look. Nor did he mention the down coat he found on clearance in AZ three days before moved (when it was 102 degrees) or how we had a huge discussion about my ridiculous reason for not wanting him to buy it. It was a good deal, but I didn't like it because it made feel (and look) "bulky", if you know what I mean. He was right. Its been a cold winter. I should have let him buy it for me, because this jacket is ten times worse. 

...I love dinner time conversations. Like the one two nights ago when we were talking about weddings. The Boy said he wanted his wedding colors to be bright green, with purple polka-dots. He was trying to make us laugh. It worked.

...I love that The Girl will have a birthday next week. Our last year in the single digits. I love that what she is most excited about is getting to have lunch and an afternoon of shopping...just me and her.

...I love when I teasingly ask The Mister what he is making for dinner. His answer is usually, "A knuckle sandwich."

... I love this picture of me looking jacket-fat-in-my-scratchy-hat.  Although I am cold, and make-up less, and giving The Mister that "are you crazy?" look, I am so very happy.

La Vida Dulce!


Anonymous said...

Love your look in the second picture! I wish I looked that good without makeup

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I've gotta tell you that I have a down coat which makes me look like the Michelin man, but Kelly, it is the warmest thing in the world. I even slept in it when we went camping last time b/c it was SO cold outside.
I don't think there is any way around the "puffy" issue, but warmth is more of a priority for me.

All that said, the cupcake looks amazing. Your hat is adorable. And I love that you have a fun day planned with the girl.

Oh...and that knuckle-sandwich comment made me laugh. My husband never ever cooks dinner...or anything else for that matter. It's a good thing he's cute, huh?

Tiffani said...

such a great list...I laughed about the boy's wedding b/c my son wouldn't even MENTION a wedding..glad he played along!

I'm such a sweets kinda girl that that cupcake is calling me to NC!!

Hope your day with that sweet girl is extra special!

Allison said...

That cupcake looks delicious!!! Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay said...

How do husbands do that.. they always mange to get the worst pictures of their spouses (not that I think you look bad.. you know what I mean).

Your kiddos have such fun personalities :-)

Anonymous said...

Brrr...just looking at those pictures makes me shiver.

I'm all about that creme brulee cupcake. You get total points for sharing; I think I'd have probably gobbled the whole thing up and hid the evidence.

And I already know you will but do cherish the last single digit year with the girl. The teen years will come all too fast and leave you wondering where your sweet girl has gone.

Carrie and Jim said...

Whow could go wrong with sweets. You were so nice to share that with your hubby. I have always liked those hats but have never owned one. With the nose itching, I might pass on that one.

Tanya said...

This just makes me smile. And want to search the internet for a "creme brulee cupcake" recipe.

Anonymous said...

Um, yum on the cupcake! Love the hat and I also love family time conversation - I also tease my hubby about what is he going to make - he'll say "order pizza"

Yay! for the soon to be birthday girl! Love that you spend the day shopping and eating out with her

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Oh man, I cannot stand being scratchy. In fact, I felt itchy just reading your post!

Michele said...

This was such a sweet post.

I have to admit I am such a fashionista, that sometimes I will just be cold and not wear a jacket, just so I don't look bulky. . . Oh, it's bad. . . so bad. . . I do have a cute form-fitting one that I bought last year, but I have gone without one for so long, I often forget to wear it. I am finding a little bit though that as I get older I am starting to care more about comfort.

I love conversations around the dinner table too. That is one of my favorite times of day.

Hope you enjoy your day with your little girl.