Friday, December 19, 2008

FirDay Randomness

Every SINGLE time I type the word Friday, I type it Firday, and then I have to go back and fix it.

Just a little La Vida Dulce trivia for y'all on this fine Firday.

Actually, these are pictures of how foggy and wet it is right now. 
Its actually more foggy than the picture shows. 
The sun hasn't shown here in over three days and this desert girl needs some rays!  

I am not really complaining as much as I am, well, complaining. 

So I'll stop.

Today is a big day. 

I will shop at the one store that I love/hate, for the last time this year: Walmart.

Seriously, unless I am shopping with a friend at eleven o'clock at night because I have run out of a gallon of milk (and The Mister needs a new box of un-frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts) I generally avoid this place. As if it carried the plague.  

Although, now that I think about it, it probably does carry the plague.  

But as least its cheap plague.

Speaking of strawberry Pop-Tarts. Last week, around three in the afternoon I needed a snack. Normally I would grab a granola bar and a cup of decaf, but alas, the granola bars were gone. Not being a fan of snacks that require too much effort I decided to try a Pop-Tart. 

Now, if you are a fan of the Pop-Tart, please don't take this personally, but YUCK!  I was forced to pull out the toaster and warm it up, which did absolutely NOTHING for the taste. I tried really hard to like it, but in the end I had to throw three-quarters of it away. 

And speaking of yuck, while shopping with a friend last week I came across a box of chocolate covered cherries. At .99 for a box of twenty, I picked one up. My friend wrinkle up her nose. She doesn't care for chocolate cherries. 

Turns out, neither do I. Every year I buy those things, and every year I eat one and wonder why I thought I liked them. Next year, do me favor, and remind me that I'm not a fan. Does anyone want 19  chocolate covered cherries?

Moving on....

I am going to do my baking today. I also decided at the last minute to make Chex Mix and Ranch pretzels (requested by The Girl) hence the run to that dreaded store, with children, on the Firday before Christmas. 

Good times.

However, I am looking forward to getting this errand finished so I can come home, put on another pot of coffee and bake the day away. 

Speaking of coffee...The festivities of Christmas can officially begin because I have ordered this.
Actually, I ordered two pounds in decaf and two fully-loaded. Its a little Christmas gift to myself. Which I normally don't do. 

But, since The Mister and I are planning few rather large projects on the house in the new year, we agreed not to give each other a gift this year . 

This is hilarious because I happen to know that he got a gift for me, after our agreement. He tried to tell me that if a package came from a certain store, it was for him. This from a man who hasn't really shopped for himself (without me encouraging him to do so) in 13 years.

He thinks he's being all sneaky, but I'm wise to his ways. He's cute and all, but he's not very good at being sneaky.

It's just as well that he got a gift for me, because I totally bought one for him. It's not anything special, just a little something he needs. 

Of course, I'm actually quite proud of myself, because when it comes to gifts, I'm not the most discreet person either. I like giving gifts, so its hard for me to be silent.

But I was talking about coffee wasn't I? For those of you who don't know why the blog is named La Vida Dulce, it was name of my fave coffee while living in North Texas. But it was discontinued (oh! the shame!)

 The fine people at H-E-B swore that it was packaged under the new name, Taste of Austin, and you know, its close. Very, very, close. If you happen to live in a place where they have an H-E-B or a Central Market go get your self a cup, it's delish.

All right, this post is getting long, and suddenly I have a sneaking suspicion its turned into a reason to stay at home, out of the dreary fog. I must stop typing (read: procrastinating) and go to the store.

Happy Firday!


Woman Interrupted said...

I love my HEB. I think we got the biggest one in TX here in Pearland (they even have furniture...) I love their Christmas Blend coffee. I'll have to try your suggestions, too.

Merry Christmas.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I love your house location. Even with the fog it looks like a lovely setting.
This is the season for warm drinks and I think it's great that you treated yourself to some yummy coffee. I hate to say it but sometimes we just have to buy ourselves those little pleasures to keep us going. Hope your weekend is fun of cozy places and warm delicious drinks.

Lindsay said...

ooo have a good firday! I am doing some baking today as well! We can have a virtual baking party ;-)

Anonymous said...

Morning Kellie, Happy Friday!

I have actually had Taste of Austin. Gotta love Central Market!

I am so with you on Pop Tarts and chocolate covered cherries. Blech!

Now toaster strudels are a different story

Rae said...

Happy Firday to you! I love that!! Too bad we don't live near each other...we would have run into each other at the most horrible place on earth this morning. I had no intention of going to that awful place but I ended up @ the doctor's this morning and wouldn't you know Wal-mart is right next door so I dropped off my prescriptions. It was HORRIBLE! The people! They were everywhere. It took an hour for the pharmacy to throw together my two pre-packaged drugs into a bag. An hour? They didn't even have to count anything!! OK, obviously I'm still having anxiety over this trip. I think I need a nap!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Happy Firday to you too!

Oh, it has been pretty yuck here, hasn't it?

jen said...

Seriously, I love you more, because it sounds like you like WalMart about as much as I do! Ack! And this time of year it really is unbearable. I hope you made it back alive!

Darcie said...

Oh man. I thought I knew what I wanted to say but after reading that I feel like one of those little bouncy balls that show you which word to sing-along with the song on TV. That probably makes no sense does it?

Happy Firday anyway.

Anonymous said...

I always type Firday, too. Irks me. I used to work at a museum and I ALWAYS wrote musuem, and do you know right now I couldn't do it to save my life?

Anyway, being practically your neighbor and all, WHAT WAS WITH THE FOG? I totally expected Large Marge to drive me to work yesterday.

And WHAT IS UP WITH CHERRIES? I mean, processed cherries? Ick. The TEXTURE. Making my teeth hurt just discussing it with you now.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

It is STILL RAINING here!! I need some rays, too!!!

Deidre said...

I do the same thing .... buy a box of chocolate covered cherries, bite into one and then wonder why on earth I bought them in the first place! I think I'm always starving when I buy them, or hormonal and need a chocolate fix :) Ha!

It's been raining SO much here as well. I asked my husband this morning, "Do we live in Seattle??" (Far from it) It's odd, really.

Merry Christmas!

Musings of a Housewife said...

So I must know. Did you go to the store?

Never been to a HEB. I have been enjoying Starbucks' Christmas Blend lately. YUMMO.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh yes...Pop Tarts are so not worth the calories. I haven't had one in years but they are dry and taste like chemicals, if I remember correctly. And my Dad LOVES chocolate covered cherries, and they always sound good to me, but then I'm always disappointed. That is so funny that you buy a box every year! :)

Anonymous said...

The chocolate covered cherries you had growing up were cherries out of the jar,then dipped in dark chocolate. None of that sugar liquid stuff. There is a difference,have not made them in 10 years at least. Just finished the tamales -there going to be great.The boys missed your guidance!!

Anonymous said...

Oops! the boys had to repeat "the" story. Just like you were here!

Tiffani said...

I am cracking UP over the chocolate covered cherries!! that is SOOOO me!! I WANT to love them and I always try them and honestly don't even know if the ONE gets down!!

I will tell you that my Mom says you have to get the "Cella's" brand..they have a clear filling and much better...I'm taking her word for it!

Hope you had LOTS of successful baking!!

Heather said...

I feel the same way about pop tarts and chocolate covered cherries. I hope you had a good weekend.

stephanie j. said...

I will NOT go into "THAT" store! I know they are cheaper, but if I am careful and diligent, I can find what I need for almost the same price at the Commissary or Target. I call that the "screaming mom" store. Every time I have gone there, I have witnessed a mom absolutely MELTING down in front of her children...we're talking Child Protective Services screaming! AAAACKKKK!!!! I think it's something about the wave frequency of the lights they use....