Thursday, April 24, 2008

Work(s) in Progress...Sort of!

I should be cleaning up the kitchen, but why clean up after breakfast when I can blog?

I have several projects that are in the works. Actually, I have more than several, but these are the ones that have deadlines that must be met!

This is fabric that The Girl has been looking at for months. Last weekend it was 50% off so we finally bought a couple yards and I am doing my best to make the skirt she has designed in her head.  We shall see.  My only problem is that the top layer of tulle has massive amounts of glitter on it, that comes off whenever  you touch it. Being a lover of all things sparkly myself, I bought the fabric without any thought that the glitter would get everywhere, including in my machine. My sewing area looks like a glitter factory exploded. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to keep the sparkly-mess to my sewing area. It's getting tracked everywhere, causing issues throughout the house. The Mister doesn't think glitter on his uniform is within the military dress code. I'm thinking it adds a nice touch.  I, however, am not liking the glitter mess it is making my otherwise clean tile floor.  So the sooner this is finished the better.

Moving on...

This is a stack of material for baby blankets I am trying to get finished and mailed off before these precious babies graduate from college. Two of my friends have had their sweet boy and girl within a week of each other. It's always so much fun to make these blankets. Mostly because a soft, warm, blanket is on the Top Ten List of things I love the most.

This is a stack of material my mom gave me several months ago. Each piece is only 1/4 of a yard (she bought them to make a quilt), so I have been trying to think of what I could do with so many little pieces of fabric. I decided that I would start making doll outfits for our American Girl dolls.  I'd like to get this project done just so I can stop looking at the pile of fabric.  I love to have fabric, but I also hate having piles of stuff hanging around (the "clean counter queen" starts to rear her ugly head. Have I mentioned I despise clutter?)

Lastly (although not really), this fabric is soon to be a four-piece table setting set, with napkins.  In 10 short day this has to be packaged and ready to be auctioned at a charity dinner my parents are hosting. 

Yikes, what in the world am I sitting at my computer for?