Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Shower Each Day Makes Me Crazy, OK?

This is my bathroom. It's a happy place with it's milk chocolate color and fluffy cream colored towels.  But it holds a secret that I can no longer keep to myself....


Actually, a week ago, I was lamenting. 

Well, some might call it complaining, but I like lamenting. Anyway, I had posted on the burden we females must carry regarding the removal of hair on the legs.

I had mentioned that one reason this is so difficult (for me) is that I have the worlds smallest shower. Which requires me to undertake the shaving of legs as an event, instead of another daily routine, such as brushing ones teeth.

 Let me submit to you Picture A:

I will admit that the Master Bath was (at first) what sold me on this house. It has a big-ole tub and lots of room. When I am in there drying my hair, and putting on my make-up, I feel like I am in nice hotel. Which I really enjoy. It is spacious. The perfect spot for a woman like me who spends almost an hour making her self look "natural."

However, the people who designed this floor plan must have not seen any need for better planning regarding the shower. I mean they didn't even take in consideration the long-legged woman who needs space to wield her razor properly. 

My parents own an RV, and I am pretty sure that the shower in that rig is bigger. 

Not that I am complaining or anything. 

Well, actually, I might be...just a little.

OK, back to the Picture A...I took my handy-dandy tape measure out, and the measurement from my right hand to the left is exactly 30 inches.  A mere 2 and a half feet.

The good news is that from the wall at my back to the glass door (when it is closed) is a whopping 32 inches.

I want you to know that those extra five centimeters make all the difference in the world.

The shower head is set exactly at 70 inches (5'8"). Which means that The Mister and I are lucky to only be 5'7" (him) and 5'6" (me) tall, because a couple inches taller and we would have to hunch to wash our hair.  And that would really be annoying. 

I hate to say this, because I am no man basher, but the shower was obviously designed by a small, unmarried, man, with no sisters. Cuz a man who was 5'8 or taller, and has lived with a woman for any length of time, would have put some bigger dimensions on that baby.

I'm just sayin'.


meh said...

Wow, after that blog I truly think that I am pretty sure that I might feel your pain!! This goes way deeper then normal shaving issues like dull razors and pesky razor burn!! Have you ever tried Nair? (For that matter, has anyone ever tried Nair and does it still exist?) One thing is certain. You need a bigger shower!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My shower is small too, but I'm pretty sure it's bigger than yours! I feel your shaving pain though. It's tough in that small space!

Unknown said...

Uh, excuse me, but I am 5'8", don't be giving any of my height away! (I will lose that naturally with age)

Thank you for your consideration.


C D said...

Yep. I too feel your pain. Our "master bath" shower is 36 X 36, and I have to go in sideways just to get in, I'd be too afeared of reaching down to shave...

So... My bathroom is the 'nice' bathroom :D :D with lots of roomy leg room...

Unknown said...

Y'all don't know how excited I am to see that The Mister ACTUALLY posted a comment.

My blogging day has finally arrived!

Unfortunately, I was wrong about his hight, and he didn't realize he was posting under my name.


Anonymous said...

Yikes...that is a challenge. I hate to say it but spring is here. Looks like you're in for one long leg-shaving season! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know what to say. I never thought I would see a picture of my sister-in-law in the shower...posted on the internet.....but there it is....in living color.

Now you can't answer no on a test or application that says, "Has there ever been a picture of you in the shower posted on the internet?"

Walk on dude,

Mr. Moofish

Megan O. said...

Well, your bathroom may not be functional but it sure is pretty. I love the color on the walls and all the natural light. It looks like a spa!

Lara said...

Okay your making me rethink the 2x2foot square of paint I just slapped on my bathroom wall to test how I liked it...the chocolate brown is just so yummy...and so is the nice white tile...mine is a pale peach grunge! Yuck Can't do much about the peach on our budget but the grunge...oh yeah right that is the kids bathroom...never mind.