Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grocery Store Rebel or the Story of Two

I totally broke all the rules today.

Man, did it feel good.

This morning, I woke up feeling kind of sludgy.  You know that feeling when it seems like you
are walking in Jell-O all day, and no matter how much you try to perk up (regardless of your caffeine intake) your "get up and go" never gets going? Well, that's how I felt today. 

I couldn't even imagine driving to the gym this morning.  It wasn't the workout I dreaded, but the getting there seemed painful, and hard, so instead I worked out here at the house, in an attempt to rev up the brain. It worked for a bit, but didn't last. 

I decided that what I needed to do was to just get showered and ready. Yesterday I got all caught up on laundry. On Monday I went postal over the dust in my house and cleaned all. day. long.  (The desert? It is beautiful, but oh! is it dusty.)  

I hadn't yet had the opportunity to enjoy my clean home (although the dust was once again living on my counter tops and shelves early this morning), so I thought today might be the day to rest and enjoy the fruit of my labor. Since I was feeling sludgy and all.

I sat down to read a bit when it occurred to me that I could not remember the last time I had been to the grocery store.  

A quick look through the cupboards told me that it had been a pretty long time.

So I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. 

This is where my first Rule of Grocery Shopping had been blatantly broken:

I was hungry.  

It wasn't until I got to the store that I realized I was really being a rebel, because not only was I hungry, but was obstinately breaking the second Rule of the Grocery...

Shopping without a list.

Yes, I know. I know!

What will you think of me now?

There are two reasons I shop with a full stomach and a list:

1. I won't buy every single thing that sounds good.

2. I will buy everything I need, and won't have to go back for at least a week.

So, having to pay for the consequences of my actions, I came home from the store with two impulse buys:

OK, so the plain Popsicles aren't really impulse (except I don't usually buy TWO jumbo boxes). They are a pretty much a summer-time staple around her. After-all, I do live in the desert and I must stay hydrated.

The Creamsicles? Total impulse.  I actually bought two of those as well, but I was too lazy to get the other one out of the freezer. 

I have to say I confused myself with the purchase of cream cheese. It was on sale, and when I passed by and saw it there on the shelf, I grabbed (of course) two packages. 

This was quite possibly the most impulsive part of the trip, because I am not all that crazy about cream cheese. Now, don't get me wrong, occasionally I like a little Philly Goodness on a bagel, or when it's part of a cheesecake, but it's not on my list of weekly items.

To make this post just that much more weird. I also bought 2 gigantic Russet Potatoes, because for some reason, while shopping, all I could think about is Potato Soup, and how much I wanted that for lunch. Because potato soup is what someone craves when it is 90 degrees outside.

In spite of my huge deviance (read with sarcasm) I managed to spend $20 less than I usually do when I visit the store. 

Which probably means I will have to go back before the weekend. 

When I got home and got all the stuff put away (and obsessively wiped the dust on my counter that had settled while shopping) I promptly made a turkey sandwich, completely forgetting my craving for potato soup.

The good news is that if you are feeling sludgy and tired, and are craving potato soup, being a Grocery Store Rebel is the cure.

Oh, and Creamsicles help too.


Anonymous said...

Okay. First with the same birthdays. Now with the living in the desert. Hmmm. What else might we have in common?

I gotta go now. I suddenly have an urge to make a grocery list! :)

Anonymous said...

Had you just read the account of Noah or what?

meh said...

What impresses me most is that while still feeling sludgy you accomplished more in a morning then some people do at top energy levels.