Monday, April 28, 2008

A La Vida Lunch Break (interrupted)

It was supposed to be a quick post.

The soup was ready. The sourdough toast, toasted. The iced Passion tea? Perfectly brewed.

But everything else went wrong.

It's because I am in a hurry. Which has never gone well in my life. Even my 2nd grade report card will tell you: Kellie is a smart girl who is respectful and kind, but she has trouble with rushing. If she would take her time than she wouldn't make so many simple mistakes.

I have the report card. I would scan it for you, but I'm kind of in a hurry.

Anyway, tonight is the second to last night for the bible study that Mrs. Moofish and I are leading. Tonight we are studying Mary Magdalene.  Oh her story is so good!  I get excited just thinking about it.

I try to keep things on the down-low during the day of bible study night. Because I get anxious when my day is jammed packed and I know I have to teach in the evening. Teaching with anxiety is nearly impossible.  

So today was about studying, and folding laundry. I wasn't going to blog, but I was dying to to be a Bragger Bragorino, and show you the place-mats and napkins I made for an auction/charity dinner next week.  

I was thinking about how pretty the soup and toast and tea would look sitting on a new place setting. Just for the sake of a quick picture. Of course my camera was running out of battery and the lighting was bad, so I tried to rest the camera in the dock while fixing the light. I plugged the camera dock in a plug that sits right over the dog's water dish. Evidently the weight of the plug was too much for the socket, because it just fell out of the wall and into the full bowl of water.

I quickly retrieved it and prayed that the Arizona heat will dry it out.

Meanwhile I had to get a picture, with a camera that will only stay on for a total of ten seconds. Then i had to trick it into staying on long enough to get it loaded into the computer.  Then Blogger was taking it sweet time to upload. 

AUUGGGGHHHH!!!!! This was supposed to be quick.

This what I get for  trying to post when I shouldn't be; and for being a self-seeking seamstress.

So there you have it. A very ill-lighted bowl of veggie soup, and a piece of toast with a bite taken out. 

I should probably spell check,  but have I mentioned I'm in a hurry?


meh said...

On the upside, at least your soup didn't slop onto the placemat!!! Which is beautiful, by the way!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

The placemats are beautiful!

Sorry about your battery and charger...oops.

And hey, can you tell me more about the passion iced tea. That sounds so yummy!

Becky in East Texas said...

Your placemat is beautiful, and the soup looks yummy! Hope your Bible study went well tonight.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, my, sounds like my kind of disaster, I have many of those days myself!


The Buntens said...

Wow! that looks delish. And the placemats are beautiful!

Chel said...

Really? You made your own passion tea? I swear I thought only the Starbucks had it. :)

Kim said...

At least the battery or the camera didn't end up in your soup!

Lovely place setting and the food looks good enough to eat. But I guess you took care of that! :)