Tuesday, April 01, 2008



...Is it that I can run 4 miles, come home, deep clean a house, run errands, walk the dog, get the kids from school, and come home to make dinner, and I still have energy (until about 8:30 pm, when I crash and need my nest).

When I go to Costco once a month to shop, I come home exhausted? And wistfully dream of a nap.


...When putting the milk away two nights ago did I put it in the cupboard that houses our plastic "kids" cups. When I got up yesterday to get the kids their breakfast I found that new gallon of milk...at a nice temperature of Arizona Warm.


...Is it when I clean the bathrooms, and take all the towels to the laundry room, I always forget to hang clean towels up BEFORE I get into the shower?????



Have a left my brain?



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I am laughing so hard right now. But only because I do the same kind of stuff!


meh said...

Do you have a special announcement you would like to make?

{I hate it when those kinds of things happen!! One time I put a frozen razzleberry pie in the pantry and it melted and dripped all that luscious juice onto my tile and my grout is still "tinted" in that area.}

Anyways! So are you? (:

Unknown said...


Bite your tongue!


I think it was lack of caffeine in the diet....


Anonymous said...

Ha! My mind went to the same place MEH's went . . .woman's intuition?

The Buntens said...

Well, if you find yours, can you help me then find mine?!?!? I have seriously been missing my brain since the birth of my first child.

Omigosh, this was such a funny post. I do these crazy things all the time, well except run 4 miles!