Sunday, April 13, 2008

In the"Birdie" Way

Last Friday I opened the back door to let the dog out and something yellow caught my eye up on the beams of the patio. I had been watching two little birds hang out in our yard recently, but it never occurred to me that they were checking out the specs for a brand new home.

They have been hard at work the last few days. 

I think it is so sweet that they are using flowers in their decorating scheme. It's so classic, not to mention very soothing.  The perfect environment for new born birds.

They also combined some man made articles that they found. A nest is not a home without some white string to offset the green and yellow color palette.

Yesterday afternoon I checked on the darling duo, and they had been hard at work all day long. Now there firm, flowered, foundation was being feathered with soft desert grass.
This morning I tried really hard to get a picture of the birds in their nest (there aren't any eggs in it yet, they are still adding the final touches), but whenever I try they fly away.  However, instead of just sticking my camera out the back door, I actually walked out in to the back yard and they did not like that!  They flew around in the tree and on the block wall, chirping and squawking, and carrying on. It was obvious that I was too close for their sweet little birdie comfort. I caught a shot of one of them on the wall. 

Like any expectant Mother she seemed very intent for me to leave her area so that she could get on with her work.

Hopefully I can catch a shot of the Mama on her nest soon!

Happy Sunday!


jen said...

What a cute nest! Only the best, I guess! :) You want to be careful not to scare the couple away. If there is too much traffic around the nest, they will abandon it. (Ooo, there I go, sounding all bossy - sorry!)

Thanks for your comment at my place today!

Anonymous said...

I love that they used flowers! In fact, that they used flowers can be a clue as to what kind of bird they are. Different types of birds use different things to make their nests.

But Jen is right; if you are there too much they'll say, ooo, bad neighborhood. Let's relocate.

Lisa said...

That has to be the best decorated nest I've ever seen! I love the flowers.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and stopped by to check it out. I had to leave a comment because I noticed we share a birthday. I'm Oct.
21st too!

Lovely nest you have decorating your beams there. Quite a sense of style those little birds have: decorating with flowers and all. Very cute.

The Buntens said...

Oh, very sweet. Keep us posted on this. I love the flowers too.