Friday, March 14, 2008


In a rare turn of events, the internet has been down due to a stupid computer malfunction. I have been without a computer for over 5 days.

Amazingly enough, on Friday morning I was able to get my entire house cleaned. I am not talking, light housekeeping here. I am talking mopping the floor, scrubbing the base boards, and dusting (which, can i say, in the desert, is ENTIRELY useless).

In an act of crazy Internet Deprivation I cleaned my car. Oh, the treasures I found!

On Saturday, I began to develop a slight twitch, but that was easily remedied by increasing my caffeine intake.

Of course that slight twitch may be due to something I like to call The Sugar Hangover. On Friday night Mrs. Moofish brought her oldest daughter to my house, and The Girl and I hosted a Nancy Drew Girls Night. We watched the Nancy Drew Movie, while eating a girls night must: Popcorn and Peanut M&M's mixed together.

I managed to eat my weight in chocolate and popcorn, which resulted in a Sugar Hangover. I had to take 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen and drink twice as much water yesterday to get rid of the headache and general yucky feeling I get after a sugar binge. Does this happen to anybody else?

Getting old, it's a killer!

Anyway, the Girls Night was a really fun evening and already The Girl is thinking about when we could do it again.

So the rest of the weekend has been all about trying to get the computer up and running again (I am currently typing away on The Mister's laptop), and of course trying to stop thinking about what I am supposed to do without reading blogs and emails now that all the laundry is folded!

I am hopeful that my computer will be up and running by tomorrow, so hopefully, next week will be a little more active on the blog.

Of course, I could go outside, read a book, write a real letter,...


La Vida Dulce!


mer said...


I, too, feel so yuck when I eat sugar. I try to avoid it for that reason.

Your Nancy Drew party sounded fun. I thought it was a really good movie!

So, wanna come clean my house??

Anonymous said...

I have never tried that combo, but am so gonna. Hangovers be darned.

Hey, your look is great! Go, dcr! Go coffee gal!