Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kellie's Second Grade Stories

Many, many years ago I was in the Second Grade.

Well, It wasn't' all that long ago because I can still remember my teachers name: Mrs. Batstone. She was lovely. A petite, blondish-red haired young woman, with lots of energy and a gentle nature.

She, as most second grade teachers, was very interested in honing our skills in writing. I enjoyed writing.

I don't remember writing these stories, but looking through the book pictured above is hilarious, because not much has changed for me, or my writing skills, since Second grade. I still adore babies (both human and animal) and flowers during this time of year. And I often start sentences with the word and. Even though i know grammatically it isn't always necessary, or even, correct. Those flowers on the cover? When I am just doodling on a paper with a pencil? I still make those flowers today.

Oh, and I still draw trees and sunshines with smiling faces, the exact same way.
In case you cannot see the writing, here is my Second Grade Thesis:

What happens in the Spring?
The flowers bloom.
And the butterflies come out.
And spring begens.
And the leaf bloom.
And the mother rabbbit have babies.

And I could go swimming.
And birds have babies.
And ducks go swimming.
And ladybugs come out.
And animals play.
And kangaroo's hope.
And turtles come out.
And leafs shed.
And the mole gos don the hole.
And a worm maycs a cocoon.
dragonlflies come.
A sckuck come.
And befers swims.

I was going to translate the Second Grade Code for those of you who haven't had the privilege to become fluent. But it's much funnier with kangaroo's that hope.

Happy Spring!


C D said...

... and "a skuck come"


This is priceless.. Thank you for sharing :D :D