Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Answers!

Thank you so much for the advice on Lip Balm! I loved hearing from you! There were a few questions I thought I would address in a post!

Mattie - The Cupcakes were pretty good, and not at all hard to make! When you make a box cake you still have measure oil, water and break a few eggs. With homemade cake there are only a few more ingredients to mix! If you try the recipe I would love to hear what you think.

We should have a cyber taste test: Boxed vs. Homemade. Wouldn't that be fun?

Daiquiri - First, I just had to look at my comments three times to spell daiquiri...I am excited to hear from a fellow blogger I don't know and learn to spell a new word! To answer your question, I got my back ground from Pyzam. These are free templates, but don't browse through them with little ones in the room. For the most part, they are clean and fun, but there are a few that are not "kid friendly".

AutumnFawn: Another Zonie! Hi!

Thanks to all y'all for participating yesterday!


mattie said...

I'm up for a cyber taste test... One I can rule out already is the Cake Mix Doctor's "famous birthday cupcakes" (or something like that). Made them this past weekend and could have save myself a few calories. Unattractive after baking and didn't taste all that special...just my opinion though.