Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, Monday

Normally, at this time on a Monday I would be headed to the gym. 

This morning, The Girl got ready for school and said she didn't feel good, although I was a little uncertain as if she was REALLY sick. She didn't have a fever.

I tried to make staying at home for the day sound really awful: no TV; no movies; no making forts in the living room with the couch pillows.  She would be in her room, in her bed, resting and reading (if she felt like it).  I informed her that staying at home with me would not be fun. Still, she insisted she really didn't feel well. 

We were in the car when The Boy started complaining about his stomach. He takes medication for IBS. He is pretty tough and his IBS is chronic, so he's learned to live (and go to school) with belly pain. He rarely complains. He just takes his meds when needed, and moves on in life. This morning I could tell his stomach was really bothering him and asked if he wanted to stay at home for a few minutes to let the meds work, and then I could sign him in late. He kept saying 'no'.  He may have heard the "locked in your room lecture" I had just given his sister. 

When we got to school, and started to walk into the building, he said he felt like maybe he should go home. He might need to throw up. He was as white as a sheet. So we left.

We've been home about 30 minutes and they are both in bed reading and drawing. No one has upchucked. Yet.

I am praying it won't happen. There are only two things in motherhood that I could really live without: snot and throw-up. 

Let's not even talk about it.

Let's talk about Strawberry Shortcake instead...

The Mister's favorite summertime dessert is Strawberry Shortcake.  

There is a small market in town that sells the best produce, and last week they were selling strawberries at 4 pints for 5 dollars. So, of course, I bought them.

Which meant we ate strawberries all weekend long.  We were ready for a summer time treat!

The crazy thing is that I have had a baking problem as of late. I haven't been writing about it because it has been frustrating me to no end. The week before Easter I botched not one, but two, batches of Easter sugar cookies. In the first batch I accidently added an extra cup of sugar, and they turned out flat and stick-to-your-teeth-chewy. Not to mention they were so sweet that even my kids turned them down.  

The second batch I accidently added two teaspoons of soda instead of baking powder, and they turned out bitter.  

I guess you could say that last week? I was tossing my cookies

Last weekend I made some cinnamon rolls that wouldn't firm up. I cooked them 20 minutes over the baking time, browning them on the outside, but the inside remained very doughy. They were awful.

All this to say, I have been in a baking slump.  This Angel Food Cake was a chance to pull myself out from the depths of a bakers nightmare.  You can see my concentration in the picture below.

It all turned out. Whew!  

Well, since I started this post The Girl has come out of her room twice now to ask if it is lunchtime yet. Uh, it's only 9:00 o'clock. 

The Boy came out to see if I could find him another book, and to tell me that he feels good as long as he doesn't move. (?) But he's Ok. And "Can I have a snack?"

The school just called to find out where they were, and I was tempted to say, " Well, they suckered me into believing they we sick. They won't be in today."

But they aren't throwing up, so it's all good!

La Vida Dulce!


Megan said...

Hey! Your strawberry shortcake looks heavenly. You are so pretty too, by the way! Hope there's no throw up in your future (or has been today).

Mrs. Moofish said...

That looks so delicious!! And you make it just the way I like it--no strawberry sauce, just fresh, yummy strawberries! I pray the kiddos are feeling better!

meh said...

Yummy!! It just looks like summer!!! Glad your baking slump is over.