Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mt. Crestuvius

Late last night The Mister and I had a very serious conversation. We were tucked in bed, with the lights turned off. We had said our good nights and silence hung in the air. 

I spoke into the night, ready to bring the subject out into the open.  

Me: "Have you seen the kids toothpaste?" .

The Mister: "Yes."

Me: "What should we do?"

The Mister: "Honestly, I have given up. I have tried and tried to teach them how to get the toothpaste out neatly, but it has fallen on deaf ears."  


The Mister: "But you know, I can't blame them too much because I think it's hereditary. Their toothpaste looks just like yours did when we first got married."

Me: "WHAT??"

The Mister:  "It's true."

Me: "Hmph..."

So, we have an exploding toothpaste problem in the house.  Oh, to have problems like ours!

I am sharing these next few pictures to show you why I love having a ten year old boy in the house.   

At first he hangs out in the hallway asking why I am taking photographs of tooth paste. As if that is the most ridiculous thing in the world.  

Although now that I think about it, he might be right.

For the next shot he gets a little closer. When he sees the shot in the screen he is quick to say: "Mom, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but your cheeks look like chipmunks in that picture."
Now that he has warmed up to the idea of my taking pictures of his toothpaste, and has broken the ice by telling me I look like a cute rodent, he decides now would be the best time to try to catch me in a shot with Bunny Ears.  Only he was too slow.

Then he decides to really get in on the action. He sweetly asks to be sure that this picture gets put in today's post.  You can't tell, but he's laughing at me and my crazy Thursday morning photo session.

Goodness, I LOVE that kid.  Love.

La Vida Dulce


C D said...

too funny. :-)


byebyepie said...

Okay, that kid is so cute! Why do they do that with the toothpaste? I mean, how do you even manage to get it that messy? Mt. Crestuvius is a good title.

mer said...

Mt. Crestuvius seems to have erupted at my house too! :)

dcrmom said...

That looks like our toothpaste!