Monday, March 10, 2008

10 Random Facts About Today

1. Spring Break in the desert is fun. The weather is fine and the days go quick.

2. When Granny buys a Wii (for medicinal purposes), everyone will show up at her house to play.

3. My niece, Jasmine Cat, was practicing her "jumping into the pool" technique, by jumping off her living room couch. Unfortunately she learned that jumping onto carpet isn't as forgiving as water. Upon landing she broke her clavicle. She is one tough kid!

4. I am apparently going through another phase of Anti-communication. Today I realized that I have 10 cell phone messages; 3 text mesages; 3 voice messages; and 52 emails that have been completely and totally ignored. I think I better work on correspondence tomorrow.

5. I just pulled a Diet Cherry coke out the the fridge. When I opened the tab it was slightly frozen inside. That feels like a little bit of summer.

6. The kids are lying on sleeping bags on the family room floor (a "vacation" thing), listening to the "bloopers", in Spanish, for the VeggieTales Jonah movie, and laughing like they might pee in thier pants. This makes me laugh because, 1. VeggieTale bloopers had to be intentionally created, since vegetables don't actually talk. And 2. my kids don't speak Spanish.

7. "I need to tell you something, I haven't got a belly button." This song is playing in the back ground as I type. If you have children between the ages of 2 and 10, you will know why I am going to loose my mind. I will now be singing this song in my head for two weeks.

8. Tortilla chips go well with my frosty Diet Coke. These will totally ruin my dinner appetite. It also makes me feel a little grouchy because it reminds me that Costco stopped carrying my favorite salsa. :(

9. When I sat down to type I just knew I had ten things to tell you about today, but for the life of me I cannot remember them.

10. I am making turkey tacos for dinner. What are you making?


meh said...

4 hamburgers and 2 chicken breasts, broiled in the oven cause it is too cold to bbq outside. Not so thrilling but it works for a Monday night. What a day, what a day. I am exhausted!! If I get the energy, I will try and type my way over to my own blog. I probably ought to go post something. It has been awhile. But sometimes it is just easier to read other people's! We shall see.

mer said...

I cannot wait until our spring break!! I am so ready! It would be nice if spring made an appearance in time for the break, but you know what? I'm just ready for a week of having nothing to do and nowhere to be!

Isn't the Wii fun??

Mrs. Moofish said...

Okay, that's just too funny and proves that great minds think alike--we had turkey tacos too!! Yummy stuff! And I just got home from the fabric store...are you jealous? Just kidding! Poor Jasmine-Cat! (And, by the way, now I have that song stuck in my head!!)

Lisa said...

We are having meatball subs!! (photos, of course, on my blog...can't help it!:-))

What salsa is your favorite from Costco?? Gotta try it!

realworldmartha said...

I am from Arizona and your picture caught me. Are you from this area as well?
Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)