Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Birds and the Bees

It's the first day of spring, and even the animals know it.

Yesterday Mrs. Moofish and I took the kids to our local zoo.  We got there early and were allowed a peek at the majority of animals.

Perhaps we went too early for Mr and Mrs North American Black Bear.

We walked up to their exhibit to see the large male bear being very attentive to his smaller, female counterpart.  I was laughing out loud because, of course, we had to walk up just as the male was sniffing around the back side of the female. The kids all began to laugh and giggle at this behavior, and we all laughed and walked around to the other side of the exhibit.  

We didn't realize that when we rounded the corner we would be within 8 feet of this affectionate couple, separated only by a large piece of glass.  The sniffing had commenced when, all of a sudden-like, the big black bear mounts the female and they start to have, well, a very intimate moment.  

They didn't care that the eight of us were standing there one iota.

Between the giggling (Mrs. Moofish and I), and the questions from our younger ones ("What are they doing, Mommy?"), we managed to gather up our chicks and move to the next exhibit while thinking up ways to answer their questions ("They were hugging!"  Good thinking Mrs. Moofish!).

Upon arrival to the next exhibit, I was standing under a tree, when a strange looking white bird perched high on a branch, decided to let loose his bowels.  

The weird thing was as we walked the path that meandered thorough the zoo, I would look in various trees and see that bird.  It was like he was following me, just waiting to get me again.  

Yes, it was a glorious day at the zoo my friends.  And it didn't end there. 

The last exhibit was the Bengal tiger. He was walking back and forth in his cage, growling his deep growl. We were thrilled to be standing right there when this was happening!  Here was a tiger, within feet of us, acting agitated and making sounds!   Well, it turned out that he had a stomach ache.  

I'll save you the details, but let's just say I am almost sure that some intestinal ailment was going around the zoo.  It was at this point that we decided that we had had enough.  We had seen everything the zoo had to offer. 

And a whole lot more.

Anyway, aren't you glad you read this post today?

The good news is that Mrs Moofish and I? We like to laugh. 

Yesterday, the laughing was unstoppable.


Mrs. Moofish said...

And I'm still laughing as I read this post! What a day!

TJ Wilson said...

K - you would not have wanted to be anywhere near the FW zoo today. unbelievable. SB draws huge crowds. Driving down University is nearly impossible, crazy. Sounds like a very fun, um interesting, day for you guys!

spaghettipie said...

Now when you have to have "the conversation" with your kids, you have a shared experience to draw upon!

Funny stuff, Kellie.

meh said...

My mom's grandparents had a farm. She informs me that it made "the conversation" way easier then when she had it with her own city bred children who hadn't a clue. There is always a silver lining!

Beth said...

I loved reading this! I would say I would have liked to have been there--but I think reading about it suffices just fine.

Beth said...

I loved reading this! I would say I would have liked to have been there--but I think reading about suffices just fine.

Beth said...

I loved reading this. I would say I would have liked to have been there--but I think reading about it suffices just fine!