Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Freuly Friends

It's been awhile (like nearly two years!) since I have shared some of Kellie's Second Grade Stories.

If you missed the first one, click here.

The year? 1978.

With out further adieu, I give you: A Friend Is Someone Who....

(You can click the picture to see the detail.)

A friend is someone who...
is nice.
A friend is someone who...
is warm.
A friend is someone who...
(Watches) the same show.
A friend is someone who...
is (friendly).

Obviously, I really haven't changed much since second grade. I still think a friend is all these things...and so much more. (As a side note, all my current friends have arms. But I'd love them just the same if they were armless.) Who needs arms when there are flowers to draw?

I still like to write. I still love brightly colored pictures of happy people on sunny days.

Oh and also, this was the year I decided to spell my name differently than how my  mother spells it (to this day I still sometimes get cards to Kelli--and it makes me smile.) But I had strong opinions from an early age and Kellie with one "I" simply wouldn't do.

Apparently on the day this was written I was trying on a "Y" for didn't stick.

Happy Wednesday!


Amber said...

I love it!!

That is precious.

And I love that you changed the spelling of your name.
I changed the spelling of my middle name because it "wasn't romantic" enough for me (hello, Anne Shirley). It's just plain ole' Janell. I added an "E" -- Janelle. Made more sense. :)

Gretchen said...

I happen to lurve 2nd grade Kelly and Momma Kellie/Kelli to bits.

This was just precious.

BTW, one of the reasons I named my dtr Jennifer was the loaded possiblities for nicknames and spelling. She's currently trying out "Jeni".

The only nickname I had was in college, when some (mightve been drunk) friend of mine wrote, "Hi, Greth" on the dry erase board on my dorm room door.

Anonymous said...

soo sweet! I wasn't reading your blog when you posted the first one.. I didn't know what I was missing out on :-P

Tracey said...

Love this! Who knew you could change the spelling of your name? I always wanted to change my name to Cynthia. She was the really pretty girl in the second grade that ran around the block like Farrah Fawcett. I so wanted to be her.

Thanks for sharing your second grade's delightful!

Carpool Queen said...

There's no way to change Susan, unless you go with Suzun, and that's just not pretty.

So I went by Windy Hill. Yes, "windy"....

I was a romantic from way back.

Tiffani said...

oh this is just great!!!

What a fun thing to put in a post!! My mom may not appreciate my 2nd grade list to Santa where I said she "wants a pink jogging suit because she's fat" (and oddly at that time she wasn't)...crazy me.

Y'know my sister is Kelli and of course, I LOVE my name w/ an "i" however makers of personalized things do not..they loveth the 'Y'.

I love being your friend!

Such The Spot said...

So funny that you decided on your own spelling of your name. I'm curious...does your mom still spell it "her" way, or has she adopted your spelling?

I did the same thing in high school. Only the opposite. I dropped the "e" from my mom's spelling (Darcie). For the majority of high school I went as Darci. At some point (don't remember when exactly) I reverted.

Anonymous said...

The lesson to be learned here is pick your battles when dealing with your children. "i" or ie-or really Kellianne-she is a great kid!

Kellie's Mom

Candace Chaney said...

I love this. I like brightly colored pictures of happy people on sunny days, too. I should bust out my book of poetry from when I was little. I was always writing. Funny how some things never change, huh? It's just part of who we are.
Great post. :)

Jewel said...

That's really cute! And did you put a ... after a friend is? That as well as trying different spellings for your name was very sophisticated for 2nd grade! My favorite is a friend is someone who watches the same shows:) What shows were you watching in 2nd grade?

Jewel said...

Actually I think in second grade I wanted to change my name altogether. I can't remember to what...either Lark or Tiffany (hey I was a child of the 80's):-P

His Girl said...

All I wanted for Christmas was a name in which I could dot my "i" with a heart. But alas, had to get married to get that opportunity.

I love your friend qualifications-- and am so glad to call you friend :)

Tanya (In the Dailies) said...

Too sweet.

I went through a stage of changing my name too. Mostly it centered on my middle name, Sue, which does not bode well when living on a farm with pigs and two brothers. I often changed it to Renee, because I felt it was much more sophisticated and less ... well, hick-ish.

But by middle school I was tired of people calling me TAN-ya (as in the country singer Tanya Tucker). My name rhymes with lasagna. For whatever reason, no one got that when they saw my name written with an 'A.' (As a sidenote, my mother intentionally spelled it t-A-n-y-a instead of t-O-n-y-a because she feared classmates would call me Tonya the Ton. Apparently, she worried about my future issues with weight? I don't know.) Anywho, by middle school I determined to correct this phonetic atrocity by spelling it T-O-N-J-I-A. I don't know WHY I thought that would help. I guess I was trying to feel European or something. Unfortunately, it just made people call my Tone-GEE-uh. By the end of high school I changed back to the original spelling and moved east where everyone pronounced it correctly, but wondered why anyone give their white kid that name. :)