Monday, November 09, 2009

Two Posts In One Day!

I'm living on the wild side today.

I'm posting twice.

It's kind of like lightening, only without all the pain of electricity and stuff.

I wanted to tell you all about Saturday.

It was so fun.

I woke up early (for a Saturday) and went to my office with some coffee and got my Crafter on.

I never got out of my PJ's. Not even to make pizza for dinner. The Girl was at a party, The Mister was helping a friend, The Boy and his friend were out in the woods doing things that boys do....I heard that there may have been a magnifying glass and some burning leaves, but I was crafting, so I don't really know...

All this to say, I was left to my self with Clinton the Embroidery Machine, and Kiki the Kuerig.

I haven't actually named the Keurig Kiki.

But I might...

I finished up my secret project....Here's a peek:

I also finished that sweet Gingerbread Girl ornament pictured above.

And made a few aprons.

Which I might have placed in my etsy shop.

Oh, and I made my "To Make" Christmas list.

It was an awesome day!

Then, as if it couldn't get much better, Sunday after church The Mister and I had lunch at the house of some dear friends of ours. They fed us spaghetti and bread and red wine, while we sat on the outside porch in perfect weather.

It was lovely.

Oh, and on Sunday I did actually get dressed.

Lest you start to think I lived a charmed life. Let me tell you that I almost lost my religion trying to teach school this morning.

There was much rolling of the eyes, and huffing, and yelling of "where is that book I was supposed to read?"...oh yeah, and always trying to get in the last word.

And that was just me, I won't even go into what the kids were doing.

All is well now though...its amazing what an afternoon biscuit with home-made apple butter can do for a girl...

Now, I must update the Christmas card list. Which I had scheduled to do in July. But you know, why do something in the summer that you can put of for the busiest time of the year?

Life's more exciting that way!

Happy Monday!


Gretchen said...

You are not only a fantastic crafter girl, you are a speedy one, to boot! Darling. I'll take one of everything, please. Good idea...Christmas gift/card list. I have to order our pictures, first. They're not great, but the last time we had a "real" picture made was 7 years ago. Tho I have remained exactly the same, if not even more youthfully exuberant, the kids have changed a bunch in 7 years.

mimi said...

Sounds like a great weekend...I could tell the joy it brought you from your writing! And those projects....wonderful!

Laura said...

I will have to believe always, you live a charmed life, unless sometime, you can post, proof of pictures or video or something that shows otherwise....Lovely post and beautiful crafts, I wish I could do that stuff still. Once upon a time, I was crafty but the "shakes" have the best of me for now. Oh'well praise God I can walk still. I will live thru you at this point, that lunch on Sunday sounded lovely too, I wish I had friends with time to enjoy a lunch like that, ok I will stop whining for now lol

Tanya said...

Oooooh!!! I love them all! And I was right there with you on Saturday. I spent almost all day in my pjs making book purses. SO much fun! :)

I'm also right there with you on the Christmas card front. I had planned to do them in July. Still haven't even checked my address list. Maybe I'll send Groundhog Day cards instead ...

Tracey said...

Right there with you today with the homeschooling. I love your craftiness..and I'm so glad you had 'a day'!

Carpool Queen said...

Will you walk me through how to thread a bobbin if I ask for a sewing machine for Christmas? That may stretch the bounds of our friendship and you may learn new words you didn't think I knew, but I so dearly want to be half as crafty as you.

Kristin in Tucson said...

Can't tell you how much I admire you for not only using a sewing machine, but being HAPPY while you do it!!!

Did I tell you that last year I decided to get ambitious and actually sew on the Cub Scout badges (rather than depend on the iron-on stuff that eventually peels)? I bought a small sewing machine and even read the directions.

I then managed to sew the left sleeve to the body of the shirt.

I am not sure what my talents are, but I know that sewing isn't among them!

Have a great day!

Rachel said...

Love all your projects! I too love to sew, but haven't made anything in awhile. Time to break out the machine and get to work on something! I haven't managed to score an embroidery machine yet though. Maybe one day!

Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!

Sandy said...

What a fun weekend! I just about "lost my religion" today working on some window treatments. It had nothing to do with the sewing, but rather trying to follow some directions (WHO in the world WRITES them?!!!) I finally came downstairs, baked some chocolate chip cookies (straight out of the tub...), ate those with some popcorn & a diet Root Beer. Then, voila! I figured out the pattern & finished one of the windows' worth. Now heading up to get back on the next one before I forget how to do them!

Anonymous said...

wow you totally got your craft on! I need a day of that as well! I am planning on making a few presents.. before dec. 1st.. I better put it on the calendar! Love everything you created!

New Every Morning said...

Wow! So much accomplished... and in your pajamas. My favorite outfit.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Sounds like a great day! You are so talented! I do my best work in my pjs too.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

You did all of that in one Saturday? You just amaze me.

Sounds like a beautiful weekend!

Amber said...

You are a super crafty thing. And you might see me around your ETSY shop picking up your crafty goodness for Christmas presents, since I am not feeling my own personal crafty love this season.

Cutey Cutey stuff, Kel!!

Cathy said...

You make me want to be crafty.

My mom's jaw might drop to the floor if ever I was though, and I wouldn't want to cause her pain.'re a hoot!

Jenster said...

Your Saturday sounds divine! Truly divine!! Heck, your whole weekend sounds lovely!