Monday, November 16, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch (And other fun stuff)

Thanks to all who played If I Came To Your House Today on Friday.

That was some serious fun, and I look forward to doing it again in the future!

This weekend was chock-full of exciting events and it all started out with a lunch date with The Carpool Queen on Friday. She had some VIP's in town for a short stay, and was generous enough to share a couple of hours of her visiting time with me tagging along.

I was very excited to meet the ever witty and famous ImNotNed. He actually has his own blog, but I found him through the comment section over at CPQ's place.

Anyway, ImNotNed (who really isn't Ned, but whom I almost called Ned five bagillion times) was just as fun in person as the guy he plays on the net. And I would say that even if he hadn't bought everybody's lunch. (Thanks again!)

I really enjoyed talking with Imnotned's beautiful wife, Momologuer.

I hope I didn't appear too weird.

You see, she reminded me of someone, so I kept staring at her while my brain was in overload trying to figure it all out.

I kept wishing they were gonna be here awhile so that I could kidnap CPQ and Momologuer for the afternoon. I just knew that we would be kindred spirits, should time allow. (Hmmm, I've seen her somewhere....)

How did I know?

Well, other than the fact that Momologuer seemed very calm, relaxed, and personable, in her beautiful winter-white wear, but when she found out I was on the way to Michael's for a few crafty things she dug in her purse to see if she might have a coupon I could use.

Friends, that is share a Michael's coupon with a stranger.

(who does she remind me of?)

As we said goodbye and walked out into the rain I was still trying to figure out who Momologuer looked like...when I got into the car and put the key in the ignition it came to me...

Kate Hudson....she totally looks like Kate Hudson.

On a complete random say that I am not an adventurous eater would be the understatement of the year. I am especially a not a fan of anything that has anything to do with cream, or cream sauce-- anything that is colored white, really. (Sweet things and coffee creamer excluded.)

Listen, I never said I didn't have issues.

But for some weird reason--and I am not sure why--when I am with the CPQ I try to be very foody forward.

Case in point: Chicken Pot Pie Soup.

It was rainy and terribly cold outside and I knew soup was the answer. Normally I would go for French Onion or Chicken Veggie, but when the waitress walked up I ordered a big bowl of the Chicken Pot Pie soup like I had just won the Dairy Queen crown.

Next time I won't be such a poser.

Ok, this post is getting foward, Coffeegal.

Saturday we went to Richmond VA, got lost downtown in the middle of a marathon, toured a musuem, and a historic home, went to a wedding receiption for some friends, drove home, slept late Sunday, made french bread, read in the first sunshine we had had in almost a week, crashed in bed last night, and now I am here. Whew!

One side note: In the middle of all that activity I tried the Peppermint Chocolate Shake at Chik-fil-A. I had heard rave reviews on Twitter and other blogs.

Don't hate me, but....I'm not a fan. It's like drinking a gravel milkshake. It tastes good, but all the crunched up candy cane is like drinking rocks.

However, to confuse you even more, since I have written my disdain for all things creamy, I do actually like one Egg Nog shake during this season...

I know, I even confuse myself...

Happy Monday!


imnotned said...

"the ever witty and famous"

I like that one. I think that might end up on my business cards.

And I think my wife will like where you're going with Kate Hudson.

It was a treat to have lunch with you, too. Next time we're in town, the three of you should plan on hitting Michael's together.

With coupons, of course.

CPQ said...

And now I remember why I had a random picture of white soup on my camera!

So glad we got together and that I could share friends and strep throat with you.

Carrie B said...

I so love the rambling radomish post. I totally followed it!

The Dairy Queen Crown! LOL

Gretchen said...

Wow, you WERE the biggest girl. :)And how nice about coupon-sharing. Especially to Michaels. Glad you had fun, and the carnival was swell, too. I am not foody forward, but I did try mussels and clams when with Sus, so I guess we all just step up our gustatory game when she's around.

Working on a campaign to move you out here, so you can go out to lunch with me sometime.


I nice that you and Susan can get together. Really. I mean it.

Tracey said...

I prefer the mint chocolate chip shake at Chik fil A to the peppermint. I agree on the gravel thing...too crunchy for that many calories! Glad you got to meet Ned and Kate...sounds like a TLC show without the insane drama.

Amber said...

Chicken Pot Pie soup? Really?

You're a brave one, CoffeeGal. You're a brave one.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that could keep myself up at night running through famous faces searching for someone's twin.

Jenster said...

You are so adventurous!! Your weekend sounds grand! And I'm going to have to try one of those Chick Fil A milkshakes and draw my own conclusion...

mimi said...

I loved this made me smile. I love thoughts...straight as they flowing to another.

His Girl said...

giggled all the way through this post because I could hear you telling it.


I'm with gretchen in the 'mostly happy you could get together' boat.

Tiffani said...

I was all ready to participate on Friday and we ended up spending the entire day outside and I didn't even touch my computer....I'll catch ya the next go round, for sure!!

What a TREAT to meet Mr. NotNed..he totally cracks me up and his family is beautiful.

Proud of you for branching out and I'm totally with ya on the Chik Milkshake (tried it last year) and I didn't love the peach they offered this, people can hate us together, I guess....but when you said "gravel milkshake" I busted out! SO TRUE!

Stefani said...

I have to admit that I am with you on the cream sauce thing. I'm slowly getting over it, but these things take time. Also, I don't like gravy. I can (very) occasionally handle a turkey gravy, but that's about it.

And at least one eggnog shake is definitely in order every year. :)

Anonymous said...

oo sounds like a great weekend! I lived in Richmond for a few years when I was a kid. I went back for a wedding a few years ago and totally got lost as well :-P. I dont like thinks I drink through a straw and then have to chew.