Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Four and a Happy La Vida Moment

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My List is the Four Things I am doing (as part of training) before The Big Race on Sunday.

  1. Carbo Loading.

Yesterday, after lunch I wanted something sweet. Through a series of events this week we ended up with Mint Milano Cookies in the cupboard. I ate three, all right, four as a means of adding carbs to my diet..

2. Shaving my Legs.

I am certain this will cut down my time by at least 4 minutes. Don’t laugh. You haven’t seen my legs.

3. Getting my hair colored/trimmed, and the brow waxed.

See number 2. Also no woman, in her right mind should be seen at a 7a.m. starting line with no make-up and roots. Plus, you must look your best if you have to be carried across the finish line by a stretcher, ambulance, or even worse, your younger brother.

4. Buying a New Outfit.

Because shopping can be an aerobic exercise (with all that trying clothes on and stuff.) My whole training program has been based in cross-training, which makes for a well-rounded athlete with less injury.

OK, Enough about running....and changing the subject with out good transition....

I couldn't possibly list only four things that make me happy, but on that very long list, I would have to say packages in the mail are way up at the top.

This week I got a package from Lara with not one, but two different Central Market Coffee's: Taste of San Antonio (which is a close second to my discontinued favorite, La Vida Dulce.) and Taste of Austin, which is just plain delicious.

She also sent me the two books pictured above! Y'all know what I will doing after the race! Well, after the CPR and hot compresses and stuff...

Although I usually try to keep the blogging down to a minimum over the weekend, this weekend is gonna be chock-full of good blogging, so be sure to check in!

Happy Friday!


Blue Skies said...

I've been thinking about you and your big day coming up. I'm praying for speedy feet and a glorious finish to put a positive spin on the other big-ish event taking place on the same day. I'll definitely be thinking of you when I run my little 5-6 miles on Saturday.

meh said...

I can't wait to hear about the adventures and stories you meet up with this weekend. Life is always very full around you!

Mr. Moofish said...

Keep your arms loose and low.

Swing you elbows backwards but remember they swing forward automatically you don't have to swing them forward, just push them back, they will come back again. You will preserve energy this way.

Keep your rythm.

Find someone to stare at their feet or match the rythm of thier feet until they go too slow and then find somone faster if you want.

When I used to race long distances I would force my mind to remember my life from my earliest memory forward. Re-visit key past events in your mind as though you were there again looking on from outside, while focusing your mind this way you won't feel the physical effects of your running and 5 miles is gone before you know it.

You inspire me to want to train again, except for my knees, they inspire me to sit here and drink coffee and eat an english muffin.


Mr. Moofish

Mr. Moofish said...

Oh, and I forgot....if in your course you see a cholla may want to take the wide way around it.....just in case you were wondering.......

Kellie said...

Thank you Mr MooFish! Sfter today I may join you for that coffee and english muffin!