Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Movin' On

Are you as sick of reading about running and birthdays as I am about writing about them?

Well good, at least we are on the same blog then. Let's move on. Here is random craziness for you:

I must tell tell you I am wearing a sweater. A beautiful green, long sleeve, v-neck sweater. In the Desert. In October. This morning it was cold and windy. Like 44 degrees cold. However, right now it is 81degrees. I am in a dilemma because I don't really want to change my sweater because that requires I make a decision on another top. Which, seeing that my decision to wear this sweater took 49 changes into different shirts this morning, I can tell you with complete certainty that I don't have the time to figure out what I want to wear this afternoon. On the other hand, I don't really like being hot either. OH! to have dilemma's like mine! Could we all be so lucky?

Also, if you are the beautiful young girl who waits at the high school bus stop out side my house every morning when I take my kids to school, I have two pieces of motherly advice (because it seems quite obvious that your mother hasn't told you.....)

Number One: Never, under any circumstances, is it of good taste to wear a black br@ under a white t-shirt (especially one that is somewhat tight and transparent). I am not exaggerating to say that you are a gorgeous young woman, but the aforementioned attire is very unattractive.

Number Two: You and your boyfriend make a cute couple, however sharing very private moments on a street corner together is very tacky. Hey, I love PDA (Public Display of Affection; holding hands, a sweet kiss here and there). But please! whats happening between y'all on my street corner borders on gross.

OK, I think I am done.

I think I need caffeine. OH! RATS! I was supposed to be at The Boy's classroom to help the teacher 15 minutes ago!

Have I mentioned that last Thursday I woke up 15 minutes late and I have been 15 minutes late to every event since! AUUUGGHHHHH! I gotta get with it!

La Vida Dulce


Megan said...

Hey Kellie--I can totally relate to the "getting dressed dilemma". Especially around this time of year. I always think the practical solution would be to layer but unfortunately I just never seem to have the right articles of clothing, or enough of them for that matter, to do it.
By the way, thanks for your sweet words over at my blog.

June Cutoff Cash said...

I wish I were young enough to pull off the trampy black you-know-what under a white shirt (I didn't want Gogglers to find you after you went to all that trouble to spell it "br@"). Does it really look bad? Cause it sounds sort of Madonna-esque to me.

Okay, now I have to go read about your race. I've been out of town. I missed everything.

dcrmom said...

Yay for sweaters with long sleeves! And LOL about the couple on the street corner. GAH!