Monday, October 29, 2007

Candy Corn Coma

Oh y'all! I have to type fast because I am typing on a sugar rush. This means that in approximately 6 minutes I will have a sugar crash and be rendered unconscious (or just really grumpy). So I better type fast!

If you have been reading for the last month you will know that I ran in a race 8 days ago. In the weeks before the race I cut out refined sugar from my diet. This was REALLY hard for me, because I happen to enjoy sugar.

I have a theory: You either love refined sugar products or you don't. I'm talkin' candy corn, peeps, circus peanuts, Junior Mints, etc. If you love these things you probably ADORE cotton candy. I fall into this camp.

If you don't enjoy refined sugar in its many varieties, then (usually) you don't like cotton candy. If you fall into the second camp, it's OK. We can still be friends, as long as you enjoy chocolate or coffee. Oh, or ice cream. On the La Vida Dulce food chain ice cream is a crucial link. I mean, if you don't eat ice cream how do you get dairy into your diet? But I digress...

So back to my Sweets Sit Out. I decided to cut sugar out before the race because in the last several years I have found that eating refined sugars can really change my mood and completely drains my energy. I wanted to feel completely on my game when I was running. Now the race is over, so I threw caution to the wind.

I love "October" treats. I would never turn down some candy corn, but what really calls my name are the sweet little Mellowcreme Pumpkins. I thought about them in the weeks before the race. For heavens sake, I thought about them while I raced. Then I kept forgetting to buy them all. Week. Long.

Until yesterday. I bought a small package, but as I type, I am eating the last one. Luckily for me, The Boy was born with my sweet tooth and so I can't say that I ate the whole bag, but it was close.

Another "October" treat I enjoy are caramels. I made 35 caramel apples today for my Mom. She is giving them away as gifts to her clients. You would be proud of me. I only ate two of them. Caramels, not apples. But that was only because I had already ingested a bag of the cutest little pure sugar pumpkins you have ever seen. The other reason I didn't partake in the consumption of too many caramels is because I haven't found a dentist here yet, and I was a little concerned about the five billion dollars worth of dental work in my mouth.

You know you're getting old when you pass up on holiday treats because you are worried about your crowns.

Anyway, I have had my candy corn fix for the year and now I can move on...and that's exactly what I will be doing at the gym for the next 5 days, moving on, and on, and on.

Tell me, are you a refined sugar aficionado, or are your tastes more refined?

PS: It took me 45 minutes to unwrap 8 packages of Milk Maid caramels for this project today. All I can say is that using my Mother's sassy red pot and watching their huge TV with cable helped immensely! I watched 50 First Dates. It was cute. Almost as cute as Mellowcreme Pumpkins.

La Vida Dulce!


spaghettipie said...

Okay, you are totally cracking me up. I need to send you a recipe for candy corn brownies that I found. I don't know if they are any good yet, but sure worth a try for you refined sugar addicts (I mean, chocolate AND candy corn?). I'm at least with you on the chocolate, coffee and ice cream. Ooh, chocolate coffee ice cream sounds good too . . .

meh said...

Oh, it is so that time of year. Amazingly, I have yet to partake of candycorn. It will happen though, I promise. I really, really like that red pot, by the way. Your mom has excellent taste in cookware!! And is that her apron or yours?

Kellie said...

OH! You cannot know how happy I am that you asked about the apron. I wanted to write about it but thought I should just leave the content to sugar, and not fun aprons with a turkey on it, in one of may favorite you know, I love a cute apron.

I found this on sale for 6 bucks and I just couldn't pass it up. I am wearing it right now as I cook up a pot of chili for Pumpkin Carving night with my parents, Jasmine Cat and her family.

And, girlfriend, you better hurray with the eating of the candy corn! 'Cuz October ends tomorrow, and after that you have to move onto "November" treats. ;)

I am also glad that you and Spaghetti said hello. I was afraid I scared everybody away with all those comments from yesterday. Whew! What THAT does to a bloggers head!

C D said...

making candy corn scrapbook embellishments from round punches and scraps is much healthier.... at the signing of the house papers there were candy corns on offer on the table -- but of a different flavor. I liked the weirdness.

And I prefer the pumpkins over candycorns. I love peeps. I adore the smell of cotton candy but a bite or two will do me...

Cinnabons icing -- THAT is the kind of refined sugar that gets me!!


Lara said...

Okay knowing your wierdness and your belief that different colored M&M's have different flavors I have a question. Do the differnt colors in candy corn have different tastes to you? And I'm sorry I can easily pass up peeps, candy corn, cotton candy and actually M&M's but NOT plain Hershey's bars...but my true latest addiction is any kind of chocolate that has wasabi or some form of chili pepper in it! Weird but VERY addictive!