Thursday, October 04, 2007

Drive Down to Sedona

Red rocks that make Sedona famous!

Getting ready to hike down to the creek. We never made it. You had to walk through a fancy hotel to get to the creek and there was a beautiful wedding going on. We just couldn't stand to walk through that youngs gals wedding in our hiking grubs to see a dry river bed. So we turned around.

The formations are mind boggling!

This is a very beautiful Chapel of the Holy Cross built into the rock. I wish I could describe the peace and worshipfulness of this chapel. It is just beautiful. The picture above is the uphill walkway leading into the chapel.


From the outside.

Montezuma's Castle National Park. A cliff dwelling built by the Sanigua Indians almost 800 years ago. This is about 30 miles south of Sedona.

The kids completed a couple of "research" things at the "castle" and were rewarded by becoming honorary junior Park Rangers.

After that we were on our way home. As if the trip couldn't get any better we were blessed with an amazing sun set that ended our trip in a way that I could not ever had planned.

La Vida Dulce!