Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Cabin

Our home for two days.
The kitchen.The kids "room".

A fresh shower. No make-up. My favorite spot at the cabin! The only thing better would have been a cup of coffee in hand!

Early morning. A cozy cabin. Two sleepy eyed kids. Fresh sourdough bread and butter for breakfast. Could there be anything better?

Our morning hike up the hill behind the cabin.

Visiting the Historical Route 66 in Williams, AZ.


Anonymous said...

We're planning a trip to Arizona next summer. This cabin looks heavenly! Can you tell me where it's located? Thank you for taking the time to blog your adventure!

Kellie said...

Hey Anon,

This cabin happened to be at a KOA in Williams AZ. Here is the link:

It was fantastic because it was only about a 30-40 minute drive south from the Grand Canyon and it was set against National Forest so my family and I were able to hike until our hearts content.

Williams is also a fun little town (that's where the other picture from the post were taken) with old old buildings and a really cool train that you can ride up to the canyon.

Definitely worth the visit!