Tuesday, October 09, 2007

10 (All Right 7) Crazy Things...that happened last week.

Last week I had so much blog worthy craziness happening in my life, and absolutely no time in which to blog! Somethings were Ha! Ha! Crazy. Some were This Is Ridiculous Crazy.

I wanted to write them down before they left my brain but I didn't, so now I am going to have to call this the Top Ten Seven List of Crazy Things:

7. While shopping with my Mom and The Kids, The Boy managed to loose one shoe in between stores.

6. Pushing That Ten Year Old Boy in a shopping cart because I wasn't about to go back, all the way to the other side of town, where his shoe fell out of the car before he closed the door, and he certainly couldn't walk around Target with only one shoe!

5. I asked my 4 year old niece if she could tell me her full name, and she very properly and sweetly replied, "I prefer to be called Jasmine Cat." Not anywhere near her name, full or not.

Side note: My niece is becoming a happy fixture in my life. From here on out she will be known around La Vida Dulce as Jasmine Cat.

4. Getting out of the van in the driveway of my parents house and assuming (we all know what happens when we assume things) the kids closed their door behind them...Then coming out to find the biggest desert bird flying around the inside of the van.

3. Walking past the third women (in ten days) pushing a pram...with a tiny dog dressed in tiny designer dog clothes. What ever happened to the leash?

2. Groggily sipping at coffee when The Girl wakes up and says, "A felicitous morning to you Mother." Hello? Where in the world did she learn that? And Mother? She never calls me Mother.

1. Walking into my Moms real estate office to find her aiding and abetting my children in the copying of their faces on the copy machine. How come my brothers and I got in trouble for this as kids but she is helping them?


dcrmom said...

Gracious! A dog in a pram? What is this world coming to? LOL about your mom aiding and abetting your children in copier mischief. Too cute!!

Oh and the bird! HOW did you get it out!? I'd have freaked.

Kellie said...

I have a key remote that opens both side doors so I used that and opened the side that HAD been shut and then we waited for him to figure out how to get out. It took him a couple of minutes. Of course I was all paranoid that the bird had made am mess, but thankfully he had not!