Thursday, October 25, 2007

Problem Solving in Marriage

After the race on Sunday my knees were pretty sore. So sore, in fact, that I could barely walk up and down steps, curbs, or even sit down without pain. When I crawled into bed on Sunday night I began to remember a cartoon sketch on Sesame Street of a curly haired girl who is a bit lazy. She lays around all day. Her knees don't like this, and we are privy to a conversation between her two knees about how they would be happier if they got to jump and run and play. Does anybody else remember this sketch? Or am I delusional? You never know. Especially after running 10.3 miles.

Well, that night my knees were talking. What they were saying to each other wasn't nice or family friendly, so I won't repeat it here.

Anyway, I was going to find that sketch on the Internet and post it, but I couldn't find it... I did find other great memories from my childhood, like the video posted this morning.'s the confession...Wednesday night is usually reserved for The Mister and I. We usually challenge each other to a game of Backgammon or Scrabble over a large bowl of ice cream (which is the most important part). Last night I made him watch Sesame Street clips on You Tube, over a piece of left over birthday cake.

My kids never really got into Sesame Street when they were little. This is what comes of having all the choices that we have in today's culture. When I was a kid Sesame Street was all that was on and we LIKED IT! Of course, before we watched it we had to walk to school, up hill, both ways, in the snow 175 degree weather...but I digress.

My indulgent and long-suffering husband finally realized that I wasn't going to let him leave the computer, so he decided to play. He wanted me to find the clip that follows this post.

Which brings me to THE POINT of this post!!! As I watched it I began to laugh as i envisioned The Mister and I trying to problem solve in early marriage. In the beginning it went like this: Teething?....Get the book...use pain releiver...yip...yip...yip...yip....; Family Bed? get the book....nope...nope...nope...nope....; Education...get the book? Uh hu...Uh hu...Uh hu.....

We still problem solve like this, except now we use the internet. Case in point: Fourth Grade Math.

The Boy came home with a worksheet full of problems that looked like this:

Change 0.236 into a fraction.


I delegated to The Mister and he looked it up on the internet.

Uh hu...Uh hu...Uh Hu...

So if you and your Mister need some new problem solving skills I highly recommend trying this concept out. Especially on those problems that seem to work themselves out anyway. I mean most kids (and parents) survive teething and fourth grade math right?

PS: If this is a representation of The Mister and I, he says he gets to be the blue one.


Blue Skies said...

You know, my knees and legs are usually sore a couple of days after a long run too. I'm praying for you that the pain is short lived and only serves to make your knees and muscles stronger. Have you gone out for a short, very easy, stretch your legs out, run yet? After the first little bit I bet you'll loosen up a bit. I'm definitely feeling for you though, been there!!
I loved that little video and so did Emily. I can really relate to your parenting analogy. I'm still there too - Ezzo? nope...nope...nope...nope, Grace based? Uh hu...Uh hu...Uh hu..., Examine the heart issue? Yip...Yip...Yip... What is the real heart issue? hmm...hmm...hmm...

meh said...

So funny!!! I particularly could see Your Mister doing the chicken call for some reason. Strange! Big D. feels your knee pain, but he doesn't have the excuse of having run 10.crazy amount of miles (can you change that into a fraction?). He was just walking around and changed direction too quickly. Are we getting old? Surely not!!!! After all, we still get a kick out of Sesame Street.