Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday MeMe

How happy am I that June tagged me for this meme? Which, by the way is all about me me. How did she know I needed something to write about today?

Here it goes!

Jobs I’ve Had:
1. Tap dancing shopping bag at a Foley’s grand opening.

I have actually been looking through boxes of old pictures at my parents house to post. I know it exists, I just have to find it. The costume was pretty incredible.

2. ICEE Bear promotional bear.
I was in a huge bear costume and passed out coupons to little kids at the front door. This only lasted about 1 summer because wearing a polar bear costume is hotter than you-know-where.

3. Nanny.
This job made me feel smug and superior about having children of my own. Things are a whole lot different when you don’t clock out at 6 pm.

4. Ballet teacher.

This was especially amusing when I was 7 months pregnant with The Girl. Think dancing Hippos in Disney’s Fantasia.

Places I’ve Lived:
1. Arizona
2. San Antonio, Texas

3. Fort Worth, Texas
4. North Carolina

Food I Love:
1. Tortilla’s
2. Peanut M&M’s and Popcorn mixed together while the popcorn is still warm
3. Coffee ( I know this isn’t a food exactly, but sometimes I have it as a snack, with a side of something baked to wash it down.)
4. Rice Cakes (OK, this one isn’t true but June had four spaces so I had to make things up.)

Websites I Visit:




Places I’d Rather Be:
1. Somewhere in a cabin in the woods with some coffee.

2. On the beach with some coffee.

3. On the ranch in Montana with some coffee.

4. A small villa in the country side of northern Italy, drinking Italian coffee.

Movies I Love:
1. Steel Magnolia’s
2. Fools Rush In
3. American President
4. Big Fat Greek Wedding

TV Shows I Watch:
I know many of you are going to roll your eyes, but I don’t watch much TV. The biggest issue about TV is that I wake up super early and go to bed super early. I usually watch movies while folding laundry, so I do have season one of Ugly Betty on my Netflicks que…so I look forward to watching that!

People I Tag:
Since it seems everything is in groups of four I tag Spaghettipie and Megan and meh and lara.


Lara said...

This is getting annoying I posted my meme at

June Cutoff Cash said...

I seem to see a trend in your places you'd like to go.

You should have married Juan Valdez.

spaghettipie said...

Oh fun. I'll do this perhaps on Monday.