Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Remember!!!

OK! I remembered numbers 8 & 9 from the Crazy List!

#10. The thing that always happens at least twice a year has finally happened (No, I didn't get speeding ticket), I locked my self out of the house. Thank goodness my parents are in town because we were able to go over there and hang out for the day. The reason this happened was all because I do the craziest things sometimes...I had taken my house key off my ring because at the last minute before leaving for the Canyon I realized that if something happened and Lenny needed to be rescued than somebody should have a key. So I dropped off a key at Mrs. Moofish's house and we left town. When we got back I walked across the street to visit with Mrs. Moofish and to retrieve my key. I walked home and instead of putting that key immediately back on the key chain like any other reasonable person, I hung it on a key hook in my kitchen. Hello?

The next morning I grabbed my keys and manually locked the door handle behind me and just when the door latched shut I remember that my key was hanging on that hook! &@#*@ This happens to me frequently. So much so that immediately upon arrival in NC I walked over to my sweet neighbor and gave her a key. In the two years that we were there I think I had to use it about three times. I hadn't gotten around to doing that here yet...but I will soon, very soon.

OK moving on....

#9. After the unfortunate coffee table incident I decided to make some fall cookies. I collect cookie cutters and I had recently purchased cutters in an Acorn, Maple and Oak leaves, and a small pumpkin ( I had a very large pumpkin and in itsy-bitsy pumpkin, but not a nice average size pumpkin cutter) but anyway...I also wanted to try the Sugar Cookie recipe from The Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.

OK...I am going to go on another rabbit trail...I usually never stray from my standard Sugar Cookie Recipe: meh's Sugar Cookie Recipe. The Mister, not having much of a sweet tooth loves these cookies and so they are what I usually make at every holiday that I can find a cookie cutter.

So I made the recipe and although they were good, they were really sweet. I enjoy decorating my cookies, but I knew frosting would put these cookies way over the top. After they cooled I stacked them up (according to shape and size) and put them on a plate and set them on the table. My youngest brother, Daniel, called and said he was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by for a bit so we sat around the table and munched a few cookies together.

When Daniel had to go I walked him to the front door and we said goodbye. This took all of about 2 minutes. I turned around, walked back into the kitchen and that darn mutt of ours was sitting on the floor. She had a guilty look in her eye and little white sugar cookie crumbs on her brown nose.

The cookie plate was also disheveled, the cookies tossed about instead of in nice stacks, as if she had rooted around in them to pick the tastiest maple leaf she could find.

So that wraps up the list, well actually there would still be one more thing, if I could just remember, but that's the thing about life isn't? There is always just one more thing. So I think I will put this baby to bed.

I did want to leave you with some pictures of funny signs that we saw while on our trip:

As if looking into a canyon that drops straight down for a mile wasn't warning enough.

In the doorway of a lawyers office in Williams, AZ.

I seriously wanted to go inside and see if you could still get a room for $3.50 and then what a room at that price would look like. But then I decided better of it!

In the parking lot of a church in Sedona, AZ.

La Vida Dulce!


meh said...

Wow, Kellie, you would choose to make Martha Stewart's sugar cookies over mine?! I am wounded! If anyone else wants the MEH recipe, I posted it today and enjoy!

Kellie said...

I know, I know...The Mister already gave me "that look". You know, the one that says, Are you insane? Why would you try to improve on THE BEST?

My friend, your cookies, and your friendship, there is no substitute. Anywhere!

So glad you are posting the recipe...I wanted to but hoped you would! ;)

laramll said...

So why are people who speak English German and Chinese the only ones who need to be warned of the Danger?