Monday, July 13, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Last week was fun for me! 

I know you are just dying to know who won but I thought I might give you the links to the posts I had pulled my questions from. 

My favorite flavor m&m: Yellow

My favorite NASCAR car: Tampax

My favorite heating blanket: Cookie (having trouble finding this one myself, but that's the answer!)

The tradition I tried to do on my own: Tamale Making. And here was was the fruit of that endeavor. They were terrible, way too salty.

Last but not least the elusive "Action Hero" link. I think I may have led some of you astray! The Mister informed me that Mami, Dora the Explorers mother, is in fact, NOT an action hero. He said action figures are more like people who save others in the face of danger.

I agree. What is more dangerous than parenting a preschooler? Especially if said preschooler is a bilingual traveler who talks to monkeys and backpacks. I'm just sayin'. 

Anywho, the person who answered all the answers correctly was Lauren H.! 

Congrats Lauren! You have won an apron and a pound of my favorite coffee! Email me and let me know your address....I am pretty sure I know who you are, but email me anyway!  ;)

The consolation prize goes to Adrienne for guessing that I was Mrs. Incredible...cuz really that would be fun.


We sort of have the same haircut!

So Adrienne, send me your addy and I'll get some surprise sent to you speedy-quick!

Thanks y'all for playing! It was fun!

(Raising my new blue coffee mug with my initials on it)

Here's to the next four years!


mimi said...

Congrats to the winner!! Love your sidebar poem. And your comment about Dora's mom cracked me up!

Gretchen said...

Elastagirl! Of course! So cool. Congrats to the winners.

Anonymous said...

oo yay congrats to the winners!! Did you realize how many times you said m&ms on your blog.. its a lot!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Congrats to Lauren! You need to post a pic of the apron before you ship it off to her...your creations are always so cute.

Love your new pic - you look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Your new design looks great! Love the poem and new pic, too! I try not to be jealous of your photogenicity!!

Carpoolqueen said...

Was that MY Lurker Adrienne that won? I should get some sort of credit if it is because I think I referred her.

Your poem? Di-VINE. See you tomorrow.

adrienne said...

Winnaahhh!!! Thanks for the consolation prize Kellie! Now you just need Elastigirl's mask. THAT would be funny!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hi Kellie...sorry i've been so behind on your blog (all blogs actually) and didn't join in the fun.

That butt dust story made me laugh out loud, and I so wish I could have heard Sus speak. So glad you guys are friends...