Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Monday!

Oh the loveliness of holiday weekends! I just hated to see it end.

But here I am on this Monday-ist of Monday mornings.

The good news is that this week is chock full of fun things to come! There will be out of town guests, and dinner with bloggy friends, and a production of the Wizard of Oz (we'll find out which part The Girl gets to play this afternoon). There will be doctors appointments and swim championships, and all the little things in between.

But the Best News of All?

I'm celebrating my Bloggy Birthday this week! 

Next Saturday I will be celebrating 4 years of bloggy success. 

Each day I will be asking a La Vida Dulce trivia question. 

On Saturday, July 12, I will give you a chance to give me the answers to those five questions. You can post the answers to my comments on Saturday and those with five correct answers will be put in a drawing for an original La Vida Dulce Giveaway!

Mondays Question: What is the CoffeeGals favorite flavor m&m

(Hint: If you are relatively new to La Vida Dulce you may need to do a search. The search box is up there at the left hand corner...the answer is in one of my Random Polls.)

Remember, don't answer the question today! Wait until Saturday to give me all five answers to be entered into the Giveaway!

However, I don't want you to walk away with having the opportunity to comment...I started this blog to keep up with friends I had moved away from. If you blog, why did you start?

Happy Monday!


Carpoolqueen said...

Happy bloggy birthday to you! I'll have to use the search bar frequently this week, I think (though I know the M&M thing).

Why did I start blogging? Why did I start selling Mary Kay? Why did I take up knitting? Why did I buy leg warmers?

Because someone told me it would be fun.

Tracey said...

Happy anniversary week! FOUR years?? That's so cool! Here's my answer as to why I blog :

Last year, I had a very unpleasant family event take place. I found that after several months of dealing with said event, I had become very negative in my thoughts and words. I started blogging as a way to force myself to look for positive things to think and talk about. It continues to work marvelously!

Happy Monday!

Kristin said...

Happy anniversary! I was inspired to blog by Janel at Dandelion Dayz. Even though I still write about kid stuff sometimes, I found that blogging, even if inconsistent sometimes, made me stop and remember that I have my own thoughts and feelings, that I'm not just on cruise control in mommy mode 24/7!

mimi said...

4 yrs?? Happy Birthday. I'm in awe of the 4 yrs thing....I'm only a baby blogger. I'm glad I found yours though and I wil probably have to do a search for some of the answers...but, what a great way to get to know you better :)

Why did I start blogging? To have a place to keep memories through pictures and writing...then it unexpectadly blossomed into new friendships.

Lindsay said...

Happy bloggy birthday to you! Yay!! I know the answer to the question.. can't wait to see the rest of them :-P I started blogging to keep friends and family up to date on all things in our life.. Not long after that we got pregnant and it turned into a little Sammy shrine ;-) hehe

Such The Spot said...

What a fun idea Kellie! Can't wait for Saturday to get here...

Okay, my reason for starting a blog was as a creative outlet. I'm fond of writing and connecting with people through my writing - so it seemed like a perfect fit!

Gretchen said...

Happy 4th Blogiversary!

Why do I blog? Sometimes I wonder, but usually I blog just simply because I like to think outloud and I like to connect with others. I don't delude myself into thinking I'm a huge success at it, but it sure is fun, and I've "met" the most amazing women. God has truly touched even this part of my life.

Woman Interrupted said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

I blog to have a place to say and share anything I want. Blogging is my "me" thing.