Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Shore of This Uncharted Desert Isle

I've had a packing miracle.

Mer of Life at 7000 Feet has given me the courage to pack lightly and walk with only two pairs of shoes.

What? you ask?

Well, of course, I'm gonna tell you....

As you read this post I am probably flying somewhere over Texas, on a trip for over three weeks, and I have only 4 pairs of pants, 7 shirts, a pair of heeled sandals and my running shoes. 

I did pack about 15 pairs of underwear, because my mama taught me never to get caught without clean underwear. 

Some habits die hard.

No, I'm just exaggerating. 

I only packed 6 shirts.

I also packed three sets of work-out clothes and running socks, because with the amount of mexican food and dad's avocado tacos I plan to eat, I am going to want to run.

I also packed a swim suit and my flat iron, which is #2 on the "What three things would you take with you on a deserted island?" question. 

What is #1? Glad you asked...10 pounds of ground coffee. It has to be ground, cuz I am not wasting #3 on a coffee grinder. 

The best thing about packing light?

Well, it makes that hunk I'm married to think I am uber cool. He always pack REALLY!, EXTREMELY!, AMAZINGLY! light. To which I have always respected, and insisted its easy for him to travel light since, well, you know, he's a man, and all. 

When I told him that I was taking Mer's advice, and showed him how I was going to live for 23 days with just two pairs of shoes, he beamed with pride. And then, in answer to my "I hope I don't get tired of wearing those clothes" statement, he said, "Well just pretend your living on the prairie. Laura Ingalls only had two dresses, right?"

Right. (unfortunately said with a sturdy portion of sarcasm)

I tell you the truth, The Mister didn't marry me for my high maintenance, as  a matter of fact, he married me because I am mostly low maintenance (with a small love for expensive coffee and shoes).

The truth is he married me for my money....

...and my sense of humor.

Which is a good thing since the whole money thing didn't really work out.

Oh! I am going to miss The Mister. I. love. him. so.

All right, its getting time for me to "bust-the-move", which is Kellieism for: get-off-this-computer-and-get-going. 

I hope you have a fine middle of the week, and just for kicks:

What three-things would you take with you on a deserted island...and for those of you who are like me, lets pretend those precious Gideon's have found their way to the island and left you a present...the Bible is already there. ;)


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yay, Kellie!

I hope you have a GREAT time on your trip(s)! Hey...I'll be in Santa Fe on Sunday. How close is that to where you're going?

~*Michelle*~ said...

hhhhhhmmmmm tough one.

So the Bible is already there.....and I am assuming we cannot include family as a choice.

OK, I guess it would be gel to keep my hair from frizzin out with the salt air....

iPod....can't live without music

I would have to go with coffee too (but what about a coffee maker?)

inthedailies said...

I would take the Physician's Desk Reference --- hollowed out. Inside would be ... LOL! Sorry. Does anyone else watch "The Office?" This is a Dwight Shrute-ism from the first season.

Anywho ... Let'see, I would take:

(1) My Kindle
(2) My husband
(3) Sun lotion

What can I say? It doesn't take much to make me happy. :)

Carpoolqueen said...

My iPhone.(I'm assuming the island has free wi-fi.)
Moisturizer. Because one can never be hydrated enough.

Lindsay said...

hmm my 3 things.. Thats tough!!

1. My husband
2. the internet ;-)
3. a laptop

Because then with #2 and #3 I can have anything I want.. amazon can deliver anywhere right ;-)

Jewel said...

Good job with the packing. I am proud of you for the two pairs of shoes.

Hmm...a dessert island sounds like a nice place to be. I think I'd bring my journal (actually I'd go buy the thickest notebook so I could use some of the paper for starting fires if need be). Then I guess I'd bring a pen, but it would be a pen with a lighter attached to the other end (I'm SuRe they make those right?) and then I'd bring an Ipod. Yes, can't live without music.

Kendra said...

I'm learning to pack light. Especially since they now charge for luggage!

I have to have a toothbrush, deodorant, and an endless supply of coffee if I'm going to be stranded. Can't survive without all three!

stephanie j. said...

3) That magic coffee cup (I'm copying Kendra)
2) Automatically updated Kindle so I can read forever
1) My husband and kids -- they're a package deal.

See you soon!

mimi said...

I just loved this post! So very funny!!

The 3 things question is hard for me. I'm going to assume my husband and twins are with me(if not, there goes my list)Assuming that....
1. A really large box of tampons/pads...just being practical. First thing I thought of.
2.A really lge box of toilet paper. Again, practical. Seriously, how come nobody mentioned tp? Am I missing something
3.Bug spray.

I'm so boring.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Have a great trip.

Love your blog and glad you stopped by for a visit...Be looking for a Christmas post soon....

C D said...

hope you're having fun. If it were me, I'd be buying another pair of something about the halfway point of the trip... I'm just sayin' :-)

Desert Island --
[1] working flush toilet w/ all the necessaries. (going to assume the magic genie is going to make it all work brilliantly forever)
[2] Ipod w/ charging system (same assumption on electric source)
[3] Hammock

what can I say... lounging in a hammock with a breeze & my ipod... sounds pretty awesome right now!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I am a notorious over-packer so I definitely feel you on this one. And I'm so proud of ya - not sure I could have done it! :)

1. Tweezers (I have issues...ahem).

2. My pillow.

3. My laptop (like CPQ, I am going to assume that WiFi abounds on the deserted island);)

Have an amazing time, Kellie!