Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Thinkings

Our plans have changed for the day. We were supposed to go lunch with friends, but they are under the weather. As consolation, I am about to take the kids to the pool for a morning of swimming. 

Well, I won't be swimming. I plan to read poolside in the shade (I get to go out with some girlfriends tonight, and I have already washed my hair). 

Before I go, I wanted to share some random thoughts :

~I wanted to let you True Campaigner's know that they are Tweeting too. If you want to follow the True Campaign on Twitter you can find them here.

~I was finally able to get the Pillowcase Dress finished. 

~In this house no fabric is sacred. There isn't a scrap of curtain or chair cover that isn't fair game when I am doing sewing projects. This material was an old duvet cover I bought on clearance back when The Girl's room (in Arizona) was pink.

~Turns out The Girl never really wanted a pink room. Her mother did.  

~As a result her room here in NC is now a beautiful shade of blue, picked by The Girl herself.

So I ripped the seams out of the floral pink duvet and gave myself many yards of beautiful fabric to play with. 

~If I wasn't 36 years old I might make one for myself.

~The day before yesterday I spent the entire day helping the kids do a complete overhaul on their bedrooms. When we get back from vacation, we'll have about 4 days to unpack, clean up and rest. 

Then school starts. So i wanted all the deep cleaning to be finished before we leave.

~Below are the bags of clothes, toys and stuffed animals we are giving to Salvation Army. 

~I didn't photograph the three large garbage bags of trash that were hauled out. 

Um, we just did this deep, deep cleaning when we moved 10 months ago. How do two children manage to collect so much junk? 

Anyway, the funniest part of the day was when The Boy was insulted when he looked in the bag of trash and saw that I was throwing out a helmet he had made early last year in Sunday School.

He looked at me with mocked incredulousness and said with a teasing tone "I can't believe you were going to throw out my helmet of salvation!?"

Then he laughed like it was the funniest thing he had said all day.

I let him keep it.  

After this quick picture he threw it with a thunk in the nearly empty "toy" bin we had cleaned out. If I was a betting woman I would bet great green globs of cold, hard, cash that he will never lift that helmet out again, except maybe to find something that's lying underneath it...but he's not ready to give it up yet.

OK, the day is marching on without me.

Happy Thursday!


Carpoolqueen said...

This is why we're friends. If I had fixed my hair, I'd never get near the water, either.

Anonymous said...

okay love the dress! Super cute as well as The Girl.. but we already knew that :-)! Love the helmet of salvation! LOL Have fun at the pool.. wish I could read while at the pool.. to busy making sure Sammy doesn't drown, knock out his teeth, hurt someone, steal something from another kid.. okay you get the point! I look forward to reading a book at the pool!

Kendra said...

Why does trash suddenly become precious treasures when they are thrown out? They act like we're throwing away a diamond ring!

Gretchen said...

Good call on the hair preservation program, LVCG.

I saw the TRUE banner on your website. Need to investigate further. Esp since the girl called herself a hag today. We both cld use some reprogramming.

Lurve the pillowcase dress. Giggling b/c my girl is so not into pink, either. And no fabric is safe here, either.

Enjoy your GNO. Mine's tomorrow!

Tracey said...

Oh the days of precious pink daughter just got her room remodel completed. Went from light lilac to preteen pink. And I mean pink. After spending time in her room, the sand colored hallway looks green. I kid you not! But the smile that's been on her face for two weeks is worth every eye spasm I've endured.

Love the very creative!

Lori said...

Your boy's helmet of salvation reminds me of my daughter's praise cup, which she also made at Sunday school and I tried to throw away. :) Doesn't it feel good to get rid of so much stuff? Enjoy the newfound space!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Helmet of salvation...bwahahaha!

mimi said...

That pillow case dress is adorable. You are inspiring me to clean and haul.

I try to sit by the pool and not get wet....I usually try and fail. Hope that you had a fun girls night!

Megan O. said...

You are such a great mom!

Woman Interrupted said...

The Helmet pic is cute...can't (ever) throw it out now!

I love the pillow case dress! I'd gladly wear a XL one right about now. Or one of those cute aprons.