Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Learning Through Laughter and Leisure

I am not a big fan of bathroom humor. 

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not a stick-in-the mud, I enjoy a good joke. I just don't really see anything funny about bodily functions that are better left in the privacy of ones powder room.

However, having preteens in the house, the bathroom humor is often hard to ignore. Although I must say, they are very sensitive to my anti-bathroom-humor ways.

So it was yesterday when the kids asked me to read to them at lunch. We don't do this every day, or even very often, but they asked and I for once, decided to set aside the To-Do List of my day and sat to eat/read with them.

We've slowly been making our way through this bible. It was laying on the counter so I grabbed it. I opened it to where the bookmark was stuffed and read, Chapter 14, Sodom and Gomorrah, Genesis 18 & 19.

This is the story of Abraham who is pleading with God to spare the wicked cities for the good people who may live there.

I had finished my lunch and was anticipating what I needed to get done in the afternoon and in all honesty I wasn't really paying attention to what I was reading out loud. I sort of stumbled on the verbiage, but after about three minutes I began to read this paragraph:

The Lord answered Abraham, "If I find fifty good people in Sodom, then I will spare the whole city for thier sake." Abraham knew there were not fifty people who trusted God in wicked Sodom. He said, "Behold, now, I have taken it upon me to speak unto the Lord, I who am but dust and ashes. Perhaps there will be five less than fifty righteous....."

This is when The Girl quizzically, gingerly, interrupted, did you just say butt dust?


Butt dust. Did Abraham just say he was butt dust and ashes?

I couldn't figure out what she was saying until I went back and re-read the paragraph. 

Sure enough. I looked up to see the kids trying their best to remain reverent, after all we were reading the Word of God. 

But y'all, it was more than I could handle and I started laughing that belly aching, tear staining uncontrollable laugh that continued on for quite awhile. I diligently tried to read some more, but it was over. I was done and wasn't sure I'd be able to stop laughing. 

The kids laughter didn't help at all. The more they laughed the more I laughed. By the time we stopped we were out of breath and ready to rest.

No. I'm not a fan of bathroom humor, but I am a fan of lighthearted moments shared with my family. I know that I often miss them because I am so intent on getting something done; focused on crossing another To-Do off the list. 

I'm glad that I took the time yesterday to laugh. To make a memory that will forever go down in the La Vida household history. 

And in the future, when we need a laugh in times of hardship, two word will be all it takes to lighten up the mood, and remind of us of our ties within the family:

Butt dust. 


Dana M said...

I love stories and moments like that! I am also glad that I am not alone in the perpetual struggle to lay down the "to do" list!
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my little ole' blog--it has been rather quiet around there lately--on both sides of the screen!

Carpool Queen said...

Oh that made me shake my shoulders in uncontrollable laughter as well. As much as I laughed when my child used the three letter word for donkey in class and told his teacher it was appropriate because it even said it in the Bible.

Jewel said...

That's hilarious. I hate bathroom humor too, but for some reason I find myself laughing them.

Can I just say I love the new blog layout?!? And I love your poem! Good job. I'll have to look around and see if anything else is new:)

Anonymous said...

heheh that is to funny! I love that you were the first one to crack up :-)

Kendra said...

Of course they said butt dust! I'm sure in science class they snigger when they talk about the planet Uranis. And it starts apparently, since Sam calls his toots a "booty burp".

Elizabeth said...

Hysterical! And I especially love that it was your daughter who picked up on it. Boys seem to find bathroom humor in anything and everything, but it has to be really special for girls to notice:) I'll remember Abraham's butt dust forever.

Your new blog look is gorgeous-I love it. The profile pic is the best.

Gretchen said...

Heh, heh, heh.

I tease my kids when they call me a Butt Mom. It usually goes something like, "But, Mom!". :)

Great story. I'm sure God laughed, too.

adrienne said...

I laughed.out.loud!!! if you watch the foodnetwork and mario batali, my 8 year old boy has changed my name to "mommy butt-ali", emphasis on the BUTT. thank you very much.

Carrie B said...

Oh my goodness! So funny! And isn't it nice to know they were really listening to you while you read. Nice :)

By the way, love your new layout too, so bright and cheerful, makes me smile. :)

Unknown said...


Love the new look too :)

Lori said...

That's hilarious! It's fun to think that each family's legacy is peppered with silly moments like that - and they won't ever be forgotten!

Tracey said...

Love this! Your post is also reminder for me to schedule some read-alouds this year...I've been really slack in this area for longer than I want to admit.

I've had some great belly laughs with the child that's learning to read. So far, all three have had their share of slip ups...only to have their teacher / mom bust out laughing and have to end the lesson early. Examples : misreading an ar for the or in fort...and not reading the long i in tired.

Love the new look and Happy Bloggy Anniversary!

really.truly said...

That was priceless....laugh out loud priceless!! I had to re-read it, just because it was fun to do(and I'm not a bathroom humor girl either) but...that was plain funny.

I've been looking at curriculum all day...when I saw your title I thought it said "Learning language Arts Through Literature"...which I guess is what it was as well. Now if you've heard of that curr. this makes sense to you, if not...just ignore me ;)

Kristin said...

Those comments are the best - you'll remember that for a long time! The other day my daughter asked me what clouds were made of. I told her it's not a solid, it's gas. Her eyes grew huge, and she yelled "BUTT Air? I'm breathing BUTT Air????" :)

Alyssa said...

That's hilarious! So glad you captured it here and shared it with us!

LJ said...

This made me laugh so hard! My kids are into bathroom humor these days. I'm looking forward to this phase being over with soon. Sometimes they don't even know they have bathroom humor! This past year my girl had "shout" on her spelling list. She kept leaving out the "ou" and adding an "i" instead. Yeap, she is my girl! I love your new look!

meh said...

Hey girl, I am back and love your blog's new look and love the profile rhyme and the new pic!

Gretchen said...

I remember the days when our kids were toddlers and we were constantly having to turn our heads so they wouldn't see us laughing at what would come out of their mouths. Even though it's not as often, it sure is fun to have those moments now. But now, we get 'fun mom' points if they do see us laugh ... with them.

imnotned said...

"Butt Dust and Ashes" would make a good country band name.