Monday, July 27, 2009

107 Check In

No that is not my weight listed in the title (not even close).

Nor is it my credit number, or ATM number.

It isn't my address or how many m&m's I have eaten today.

That, my friends, is the temperature for today in this great southwest city.

I am so thankful for A/C.

So I have been a little behind in the blogging. 

Vacationing and blogging seem to be two things I cannot multi-task. 

We are having a good time though.

Last weekend we were invited to my nieces Murder Mystery party. Let me tell you, this was one of the most fun kid parties I have been to in a long time. 

The Boy was given the role as The Robot, and The Girl was Zee French Chef

At the last minute I  got called in to be the Butler. A role I enjoyed as I tried my hand at a British/Hispanic/North Carolinian accent.

If you are looking for a fun idea for birthday parties for the "tween-age set", head on over to Dramatic Fanatic. I was quite impressed with this mystery party. I'm sure that we will be doing one in the future!

I was also able to spend some time with my friend Tracy. We hadn't seen each other in way-to-long, and we felt like two school girls in a fancy restaurant when ordering our red wine. 

I kept thinking maybe we might get kicked out for dining in an establishment that was clearly for adults.  

Lets just say we didn't get carded. 

Tracy was my dearest friend during my senior year of high school (and the years after.) I really cannot remember one thing we did that year that we didn't do together (of course we laughed and laughed at all the things we had already forgotten!). 

In lieu of my senior trip, my parents took us on a family trip to Montana through Yellowstone and all places in between (my parents liked to keep us close and busy). Tracy got to come with us. She was really like a sister to me, except we didn't have all the fighting and stuff.

Its going to be fun keeping in touch.

Tonight I get to have some dinner with Mrs. Moofish and Joanna. We hung out a ton in my early college years, (and then, in a wonderful turn of events, I married Mrs. Moofish's brother).

All right, its time to go find another cold beverage and think winter thoughts!


Carpool Queen said...

It's rainy and a little cool here right now. I'm eating homemade tortillas and black beans - pretending I'm out there with you.

Susanne said...

It was 115 in El Centro, CA, as we passed thru on our way from NM to OC. Hot enough to melt your flip flops!

Gretchen said...

107? Clearly, I'm a wimp. Because we're hitting 90 today and I'm about to wilt. I'm staying near the AC.

Glad you got to do some fun reunioning, friend.

Anonymous said...

okay thats hot.. Im not sure I want that kind of heat thank you very much! I am glad your having a lot of fun!

Tiffani said...

yikes!!! that's HOTTT!

looks like you are doing your best to have some good 'ol fun out there!!

LOVE the party theme..Connor would love that kinda thing...

Miss you!

Tracey said...

I'm so glad you are having a great time! 107...but it's a dry heat, right?? ;)

really.truly said...

That is hot!! Spending time with your old sister-friend is very cool(over red wine-even better)!

Megan O. said...

Sounds like you're having such a great time despite this heat. I love your new photo and your amazingly creative rhyme too, by the way!

adrienne said...

but it's a dry's like 79 really. don't you love when people say that??? no, really, it's like 107!

Jewel said...

oh my, I will stop complaining on my blog about it being 95. Now I really am feeling like a baby.

Glad you're having such a good time and thank you for sharing about the party. I have been looking now and then for a couple of years for directions on how to do a mystery party.

Stay cool:)

Jackie said...

Meeting up with friends - the best! And...I'd love to hear your British/Hispanic/N.C. accent - you might just have to do a vlog sometimes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I couldn't take it. It was a muggy 87 here yesterday and I had a headache all afternoon and evening.

Those murder mystery things ARE fun! I've not done any for kids, but I did one -- was in college? -- anyway, it was on a train. Very cool. I'd love to do it again.

Woman Interrupted said...

Yuck...too hot...kills me just thinking about it. thank God for A/c and good friends!

Kristin said...

107 degrees? Tell me they have sweet tea in AZ!!

Amber said...

I'm so glad that you are having a wonderful vaca!!!

And catching up with old friends is SO MUCH FUN!!!

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

The Buntens said...

Now that is just hot. Whew.

The party looks sooo fun!