Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Recap - Part 2

Christmas Day:
On Christmas morning we headed over to celebrate with The Mister's parents house.

This is The Girl, who is patiently waiting with her brother and cousins, to open another round of presents.
This is my dear friend and sister-in-love, Mrs. Moofish.
I love this picture because it gives you an idea of how beautifully The Mister's mom decorates her tree. It's always lovely. After spending the first half of the day there, The Mister and I packed up the kids and drove the wonderfully short 13 minute drive to our house to do our own Christmas with the kids...and more unwrapping.

The Boy had guessed, immediately, what his present was by the size of the box. This is the "surprised look". I actually caught both he and his sister practicing the "surprised look" the day before Christmas.

The Girl opened up her gift but was actually surprised.
One of the reasons I loved this Christmas was because it was my first year to receive a gift, bought by The Girl without my help, from the school Christmas Shop. 2007 will go down in the books as the first year I received a 'Mom Mug'. I was very excited to receive it, but not as excited as The Girl was to see me open it.
I included this picture only because it shows The Mister's sense of humor, and his ability to wrap a good gift. My husband is a firm believer in duct tape. He feels that a man without duct tape is like like a women without shoes (A note from the Mister: Although if you are married to a man with duct tape, he can make you a pair of shoes.) If you'll notice, my gift (from him) is wrapped with duct tape. That gray corsage I am wearing was a bow made with duct tape. This was not the only gift he duct-orated. I almost didn't want to open the gifts because they made me laugh. But I am glad that I did, because one of the gifts he gave me is the new Martha Stewart cookbook. Yay!

OK, as I type The Mister is placing all the Christmas boxes back into the garage. The Christmas decoration are packed and my house is back into it's pre-Christmas state! Whew! I love to decorate, but when Christmas was over, it's time to move on. Now I can focus on making some Chex Mix for the New Years Day lunch at my parents house!

La Vida Dulce!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That duct tape cracks me up!

Christmas looked similar at our house...legos and American girl. Isn't that doll adorable?? Since we live in Colorado, my daughter just had to have her!

Oh, and chex mix is my absolute favorite snack. Have fun making (and eating) it.

Megan O. said...

I cracked up at the duct tape-wrapped gifts. My husband would be so proud. He sells tape for a living and most of the presents I receive from him are also wrapped in it. :)