Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How Old is Old?

It started out as a pretty typical scenario. The Boy hops into the mini-van after school.

The Question:

How was your Day bud?
The Answer:
Mom! Some guys from the electric company came to school today and taught us some really cool things! They taught us that electricity is really lazy and will try to find any way to get to the ground. Even if that means going through a human. They told us stories of people who have really been hurt, some even killed, by electricity. Some of the stories were really sad Mom, but I think that they had all these stories because they have been working for the power company for a really, really, long time. Some of them were really old mom, like 32, or something!
I ask you, do you remember when 32 sounded really old? I remember babysitting as teenager and thinking the Mom's of those kids were old....when I look back at it they were all probably about 32, or something.

That young Whipper-Snapper Me would think today's 35 Year Old Me was ancient!


Blue Skies said...

Considering today is my own sweet husband's thirty-eigth birthday AND he is sporting some splashes of debonaire white hair I am certain my "Young Whipper-Snapper Self" would have considered him old. My "Wiser Snappier Self" thinks he is just now hitting his stride in life and old won't hit until we're 70 or so! Of course, that's until I look at those smile lines in the mirror.......

cdub said...

KA - Will you shoot me an email? I tried sending you one this morning and realized the addy I have for you is ancient. Kinda like those electric company guys. :)