Thursday, December 13, 2007


So it's 4 in the morning and I am wide awake.

Actually, I have been awake since three o'clock. I laid in bed for thirty minutes hoping to be lulled back through a REM cycle, but my mind began to spin, and think, and dream...only not the asleep kind of dreaming.

At 3:35 I finally got out of bed and came in here (to the kitchen) and switched on the coffee pot, because I can not be held responsible for anything I say, do or type until my blood is running at least 40% hot caffeinated beverage (with a splash of cream). So here we are...

It's not that I even have anything good to say, it's just that I hate to be up so early by myself. So I thought I would wake y'all up too.

This used to happen to me as a kid on sleep overs. I'd be the first one awake and then be bored out of my mind with what to do until everyone else woke up.

I am going to log off though and go read underneath the Christmas tree. Since we put the tree up my Nest has gone unused and is looking a bit lonely, but reading and spending some time with the Lord under neath the soft lighting on the Christmas tree only comes once a year, so the Nest will have to wait.


Three Fold Cord said...

One of my favorite things is reading, praying and being near the Christmas tree. I have been getting up in the moringin to just sit and it is so refreshing.

About the apron. I can wait. You did a beautiful job and I could even do a little adventure myself and try and make it.

Talk to you later-

Anonymous said...

so, did you stay awake under the tree?