Friday, December 14, 2007

Pamprin Kind of Day

I don't have much time because I am heading out the door in exactly 5 minutes to be a chaperon for The Boy's class to the History Museum. The exact same one I went to almost 25 years ago...We'll see if anything is updated. I am taking my camera just for you. Aren't you lucky?

I try really hard not to get too personal on this blog, because quite frankly I am certain you don't want to hear it, but I have to tell you that this morning I woke up and my face was bloated two sizes bigger than normal; and my attitude was less than chipper. Yesterday I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, because I NEEDED them. I ate....a lot of them. I lost count after four. Quite frankly it's easier that way. Although my clothes fit fine, I am completely and totally sure I have gained 25 pounds over night. This morning I felt like crying (not that pretty, tears-gently-rolling-on-the-face cry, but the wailing, looking-really-hideous kind of cry) because we were out of banana's, and I eat a banana with my cereal every morning, now my routine is off and the day is just ruined!!!

Who's feeling a little hormonally dramatic today? Even The Mister gingerly asked if perhaps he could get me a couple of Pamprin this morning to drink with my bucket of coffee. And the really awful thing of this whole morning was that he was right.

After 12 and half years of living with a hormonal housewife, he knows how to approach me without complete throwing me off the edge. Which, in all honesty, on a morning like this, is a well honed talent, if you want to know the truth. Actually, this whole feeling hormonal thing is new to me. I never really had dependable PMS until my 30's. Honestly, when people complained about it, and excused there ugly behavior because of it, I didn't really think it was real. Trust me, it's real. I have the ugly to prove it.

I am glad that The Mister puts up with me, cuz if I was married to me, well, let's just say that I would have kicked my rear out a long time ago. That's because my gift is mercy. Can you tell?

So now I am about to get on a bus with eighty-five 4th graders and remember why public educators should be knighted, or sainted, or whatever you call people who have the courage to teach our children, much less take them out as a group in public.

I better go find the Pamprin.

Happy Friday!


meh said...

Oh, poor Kellie, I feel your pain!!!!! I am right now holed up in my room eating pizza (it is 9:20 pm) and catching up on my blogs while my husband is playing pingpong with the kids in the basement. Not only is he protecting me from them and them from me, but he is keeping a pretty darn good distance as well. Smart man!!

Anonymous said...

After 13 years of marriage, I, being a fellow member of the Mister Club had to ask my wife what Pamprin was. However when she told me I realized that is what I always mean when I run to Safeway and crab that Cadbury Caramello bar. Creamy Milk Chocolate filled with delicious like a charm....Oh yeah.

Pamprin Shramprin.

Blue Skies said...

you have such a way with words my friend!

Unknown said...


Aye yay aye! Pizza alone at 9:30 at night! So wish I could have been there to eat it with you!

Mr. Moofish,
Yeah baby! Through in a Diet Coke with that Caramello and you could call it "Instant Cure!"