Monday, December 10, 2007

On Company Time

Normally I am a rule follower. But, I have always wanted to blog from work.

Well actually, I always blog from work, since my primary work is in the home. However, some of you may know that I work for my Mom's real estate company as her assistant to support my glitter and coffee habits. Glittering stuff and drinking coffee that is....lest you think that I mix the two together. Which would be really weird. But I digress...

Anywho, (anywho? I never say that in real life) I am working today, but my mom, uh, my boss, isn't here , so I am blogging at work and feeling very mischievous. You can tell I need to get out more.

I better get to work because not only am I blogging on company time, I am also leaving early. My sweet friend J, who also happens to be married to my brother, had a birthday yesterday and I don't know what says carry-out-sushi more than a friends B-Day. So that is what is on the agenda for today.

But before I leave can I have myself a little rant? Good.

Y'all are always such good listeners.

A few weeks ago I found this inverted tree by accident on the web. I thought it was a joke. A very expensive joke. Apparently it is not, because we saw a duplicate of it at the hardware store this weekend. For the record, the tree is as ridiculous looking in person as it is on the Internet.

People, DON"T MESS WITH THE CHRISTMAS TREE! It drives rule followers like me crazy.

All right I'm finished. Carry on.

PS: Boss Mom, I know you read this blog. It only took me 7.5 minutes to post. I will adjust the time sheet accordingly, trust me.


meh said...

But Kellie, didn't you see that not only is it 12th century historically accurate, but it is also good management of much needed floor space for more presents? Sounds like the kind of idea some spoiled 8 year old came up with last Christmas when he didn't get as many presents as he wanted and his parents excuse was because they ran out of room beneath the tree.

June Cutoff Cash said...

Six hundred dollars!?! For a TREE? That's upside DOWN? Those Hamhock Shamhock people or whoever are nutty.

You are so fired when your mom finds this blog.

C D said...

.... and they sold out!

hee hee....

I need to glitter and coffee soon.... ;-)