Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten Things That Make Me Smile

1. Kitty trays given and used with love.

My friend Alison received this many years ago as a wedding gift. She loves it, and uses it, and giggles over it.

Her guests do too.

2.  Cozies...with a Zed... that find their new homes.

3. Friends who pray when asked.

4. Preteen girls, who still holds her daddy's hand.

5. Teenage boys who still climb trees.

6. Birthday's and babies...

7. ...and project's in between.

8. My messy recipe box...with treasures from friends far and near.

9. Corn Bread Cake - baked and ready for company tonight (it will be hard not to cut into it)

10. A Texas Dinner Party - tonight we are having dinner with an older couple we have never met with face-to-face...so I'm rolling out the big guns with some Texas Style Brisket, Corn Bread Cake, Salad, and Green Beans... with Berry Cobbler for dessert.

Makes me miss the Lone Star State - (shout out to all my Texas peeps! I miss you!)


kiddo1024 said...

I know one thing fer sure that makes me smile - that'd be YOU!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Hey, am I still a Texas peep?

LJ said...

Come back soon now, ya'll hear? We miss you!

New Every Morning said...

A Texas dinner party sounds so yummy! I love the photo of your girl and your man holding hands. Precious memories to last a lifetime.