Friday, February 18, 2011

Paper Flowers: A Lesson from my Nana

Three days before I went home to Arizona for Christmas, my Nana died.

One of my favorite memories of her was during the time of my 15th birthday.

I had the privilege to celebrate my fifteenth year with a Quincenera.

This is a big celebration in the life a young Latina girl, and its a big deal.

My color theme was yellow. Its my mom's favorite color, and it was perfect for a fall September day in Southern Arizona.

I don't remember the details, but I do remember my Nana coming to the house with tissue paper and white chenille stems (aka - pipe cleaners.)

I remember sitting at our large dining room table and putting our hands to work.

We made a plethora of paper flowers that day, her and I.

I've been making these flowers ever since.

Twenty-three years later the tradition continues...

Grab some supplies and join me around my big (cyber) table...there's plenty of room here...

How to make a Tissue Paper Flowers

Supplies needed:
Tissue paper
Pipe Cleaner (or if you are completely out of pipe cleaners, steal a twisty-tie from the loaf of bread in an act of desperation.)
Tape (to affix to present, optional)

Take several pieces of tissues paper, and stack them on top of each other. It doesn't matter what size...bigger for large flowers, small for petite flowers. (I used three pieces of a large rectangle and cut them in quarters)

My flower started with a 12 layer stack.

Fold your paper accordion style, starting from the longest side.

Use your twisty-tie, or chenille stem, and place it in the middle.

Fold the sides up toward the middle just a bit.
If you like, you can cut the edges to give your flower a little more personality.

I did a little wave, which will make my flower look a little peony-esque.
Carefully start to pull the tissue, sheet by sheet, toward the middle. Gently twisting and folding paper into place.

Soon it will look like this...

Stick some tape onto the bottom and stick it to a present, or ti anything you want to add some happiness too.

Below is a picture of my Nana, who was probably not much older than I was when she taught me to make these flowers.

For these things, I will always be grateful.



Anonymous said...

That flower down in the gift bag looks cute! What an easy way to spice up a gift!

Sandy said...

I used to make these & had forgotten how to make them... thanks for another great tutorial!

(The picture of your Nana didn't show up in your blog when I looked at it...)
And what a sweet memory!

Beth said...

Oh, the tears are flowing even though I had the step-by-step flower creation directions to distract me! My Grandpap recently passed and the void is huge.
Great post.

Sara said...

So simple and so pretty. I think these would be perfect as party decorations! And what a special memory. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I made a few of the basic baby beanies over the weekend. They are perfect for a baby boy! :)

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love them! I am already thinking about how I'll use them on my bulletin board next school year...

New Every Morning said...

I used to make something similar to this in 4th grade. We used kleenex and dotted them with magic markers. Then I "sold" them at lunch: aka traded them for other treasures.
Yours are BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous topper for a wedding gift!