Monday, January 03, 2011

Mundane Monday

I'm seriously lacking anything of value to say today.

So let me tell you about a little purchase I made before the holidays that makes me happy.

Its my Batter Dispenser.

I know, I know, you probably all have one and I am the last to the party. Seriously, why didn't you tell me about this? Cuz it has revolutionized my pancake, waffle and muffin mojo. How did I live in my kitchen without it?

Today was a good first-day back to "reality", and although last night I was lamenting that all of life can't be one big party (wouldn't that be fun?), I was glad to hear the whir-whir-whirring of the dryer this morning while the kids scratched their pencils across paper and rolled eyes at their teacher.

How's that for a run-on sentence?

Unfortunately this day wasn't so mundane that I had time to be idle, or to blog before 9:00pm....which means I can't stay to chat because I'm going to keep last years goals (I don't make resolutions) pretty much the same but I'm adding one: be intentional in getting more sleep. 

Wait let me go read last years post to see if this is a goal I made and didn't achieve...Whew! Its not!

Truly, getting to bed earlier isn't the only goal I set this year, and I'll write more on that later this week, but it is an important one. I am fully convinced that lack of sleep changes so many things about how I perceive the world, and how I respond to it. Fatigue makes me weary and dull, and there is such an easy remedy! If I choose to lay my head down!

I'm not a good sleeper. Maybe its FOMO. Maybe its just that I want an hour or two without any distractions or to-do lists, but over the last six months I have gotten really out of whack with going to bed late and getting up too early. Whatever the reason, I'm gonna fix it and be intentional to get rested.

So that's it for this (not so) Mundane Monday. I gotta run, I've got 5 exact minutes before bedtime!


Jenster said...

Looks like I'M the last one! I don't have one but I think you have convinced me!!

Good night and sleep well!

Amber said...

Why do I not have one of those lovely batter thingys? Me thinks me needs one.

And I'm an avid supporter of sleeping.... I'll be your cheerleader!!

Gretchen said...

I want a batter dispenser,too (trying not to sound whiny). We had pancakes for dinner. A mistake, actually. I was going to do turkey enchiladas, but thought I was out of cream cheese. And then I found the cream cheese. But it was too late because the bacon was 1/2 done. Turkey enchiladas can wait till tomorrow. Yeah...mundane here, too. And I will join you on the sleep thang. Hard to do, but so important.

Lisa said...

What a great invention! I might need to find one myself!

Tanya said...

Apparently we need to start a club for everyone who has commented who does NOT have one of those nifty gadgets. I've seen them, but always wondered how frequently I would actually use one. We don't eat pancakes often, but, oh, it would be so cool for cupcakes and muffins!